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MusicalInstru is a renowned musical blog that has an excellent reputation for its instrument reviews. We are very popular and famous all over the world for our reviews. People across the globe follow our reviews before buying any instrument. They also get attracted to many musical instruments after seeing the review of them. We possess a vast knowledge of all the musical instruments of the world. We can assure you each and every detail, qualities, merits, demerits, etc. of a musical instrument. We can provide you in-depth reviews with the learning of how to use or play musical instruments. You can get solid and genuine reviews from us because we hire professionals to do our reviews. You can also have a professional guideline about the musical instrument from us. We can provide you knowledge about digital audio, equipment, and recording alongside musical instruments. Your understanding of music and the musical instrument will undoubtedly be broadened if you follow us on a daily basis.

Our main priority is to provide unbiased and authentic reviews about the musical instrument. This is what makes people fall for us or make them interested to learn more about us. We have tons of talented and versatile musicians who can inspire you to fall in love with music and musical instruments.



First of all, we don’t do any paid reviews. We strictly avoid these fake reviews things. Our primary specialty is to provide real and authentic reviews to our readers and viewers. We don’t want to cheat them or fraud them. Our main criteria are to provide them quality reviews so that they can be benefited by reading or watching them. As we make all our content by the assist of professionals, so we always try to keep the quality up to date. Therefore, our viewers can get all their desires and expectations. If you are looking for a place to find any kind of music-related product, then you can certainly visit us. I hope you won’t be disappointed.


As a customer or a viewer, you will always try to put your money on buying something of good quality. If you are willing to purchase musical instruments, then we can do that for you. You can check our site before buying any musical instrument and then can take your decision. I can assure you that you won’t face any loss or disappointment after that.


We don’t do reviews for a certain type of person. We do reviews for all kinds of musicians like professionals, seasoned, beginners, amateurs, etc. They can gain a lot of benefits and learning by watching or reading our content. The process of how we do our reviews are given below:


  • We have to choose the instrument on which we will do the review in the first place. We usually give priority to the choice or demand of our audience.
  • Then we buy the product from online or from our laboratory. We have a massive collection of musical instruments at our laboratory.
  • Then we select our professional for that instrument to do reviews for us.
  • Expert checks the instrument by using it and does what he needs to do with it before reviewing to get an idea about all its qualities, merits, and demerits.
  • After finishing all the tests, we make a video on the instrument describing the qualities alongside the pros and cons. They also write reviews on the instruments.
  • Then our editors check all the contents of the video and writing and make some corrections if needed.
  • Finally, we publish articles and videos on our site for our readers and viewers.



MusicalInstru was built to encourage people towards music and make them fall in love with musical instruments. We think music can make the world a better place for us. It can utilize the creativity inside us. It can drag the sleeping artist inside of us.

Moreover, it can restrain us from smoking or taking drugs or going in the wrong way. We don’t promote any kind of musical store or music house. We don’t want to become any institute like them. Our main target is to keep the love of the people for music and musical instruments. This is our ultimate goal.



We are not here to do business, actually. We are doing this from our passion and love for music. Though it also became a part of our life and living nowadays. But still, we don’t take it as a business. We like to do more and more reviews on various known and unknown musical instruments. We want to introduce people with many unique musical instruments. To do so and to make our living, we do some advertising on our site alongside the reviews. We try to review products and then attach an affiliate link of online shops to earn a few sums of money for ourselves. We got some commissions when readers and viewers watch our videos and then click on the link to buy them or see them. This is how we earn our money.



In 2005, MusicalInstru was launched by Mark Smith. We started as a blog, and then now, we became a website. But we always tried our best to improve our works and qualities. After doing some projects on various musical instruments, we earned the faith and love of our viewers and readers. We have a team of experts who can play a lot of different musical instruments. They have a vast knowledge of these instruments. Our editorial team has experts and volunteers who have experience in this job. 



Mark Smith: He is a renowned artist who can play guitar, Banjo, Piano, Violin, Ukulele, etc. He is also the CEO of MusicalInstru.

Ashley King: He is an expert on audio production who has a great passion for music and instruments. He has a vast knowledge of all the audio technology.

Mark Jovic:  He was a former studio engineer. He got some serious skills in playing different instruments. 

Ben Laughlin: The guitar king of MusicalInstru. He possesses tremendous knowledge over all types of guitars.

We all have one objective, which is to provide quality content to our viewers and readers. If you have any complain, advice for us, please contact us. We are always ready to help you and take your suggestions.

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