Acoustic Vs. Digital Piano: Which Should I Buy?

A piano is an acoustic and stringed musical instrument what is easily playable by a keyboard, invented by the Italians almost 2000 years back! But nowadays, digital Piano is virtually taking away its place with an attitude!

And on the other hand, our modernized Digital Piano is kind of an Electronic Keyboard, which is considering as a replacement of the traditional Piano as well.

That type of piano can produce the same sound Rhythm, Tune like the Acoustic Piano by itself. It looks like an ordinary Piano even by the designs! It has an installed internal speaker what gives the musical output of it.

Overall that type of Pianos is the complete replacement package of the traditional classical pianos and every kind of old keyboards in a much lower digital piano price with several flexibilities like weightless, tuning, modernized, sound regulations, etc.

Invention and history of the Piano:

The word Piano came from an Italian word as Pianoforte, which means soft, loud and respected in the meantime!!

Heavily influenced by the 18th centuries Romantic musical era, the acoustic piano doesn’t contain different pitches of volumes like other instruments and even like today’s digital piano as well!! WOOOOOW….

Structure of a Piano:

The wooden case surrounds acoustic pianos and metal strings consist of a heavy Metal frame when it vibrates it creates the melodic sounds as well. A keyboard is composed of 52 long and white and 36 short and Black keys!!

Different types of Piano:

As the most familiar western instrument, acoustic Piano even also changed; it’s circumstances by the enforced technological advancement as well! Which were able to produce different types of notes according to the musical consequences of their era…

Acoustics Piano

Here are some of them as:

  1. Amplified electric Piano
  2. Electronic Piano
  3. And now as, Digital Piano

At the end of the 18th century, at the time of Mozart’s era, Piano had some significant changes! What made the sound, sustainability’s, composing of the music as more powerful and realistic!

This time the Piano got its grand value on a more progressive manner as louder and more significant and changed its perceptions from more sensitivity along with more improved mechanism as well!

Grand Piano:

In the structure of the Grand Piano, the strings and frame are in the flat shape. Strings are an actual step away from the keyboard, which also has three different forms of it such as:

  • Concert grand
  • Parlor grand
  • Boudoir grand
  • Baby grand

This time piano got its more harmonic sounds through the change of its shape and constructive pattern as well.

Upright or vertical piano:

More small piano with vertical shaped frame and strings as well. And in cost, it’s lesser expensive than the grand one! That type of keyboard is very famous for its overall use in school, Church, party halls, music schools, etc.

And according to some experts, modern pianos are the ancestors of the vertical/Upright types of keyboard…

Electric, electronic and digital pianos:

The genres it used:

 Invented, back in 1920, attached with an amplifier and a loudspeaker, these types of keyboards mostly used in the genres like Jazz, Rock and pop as well. Technologically advanced more like electronic guitars, effects, etc.

It’s musical sounds and adjustability:

This type of pianos is also non-acoustic what doesn’t consists with hammers or use it at all and reproduce the sounds and notes of an acoustic piano more accurately but in a modernized form!

It’s the power amp and the excellent use of synthesizers, patch cord, and synth module, paddling, use of each key on different conditions,

Tones as sharp, soft, and even loud made it more acceptable and realistic towards the audience. 

It’s adaptabilities:

That type of piano, even can give their output through MIDI device, and able to play through DVD ROM and USB flash drives also!

Able to keep the record file on several formats and recreates it through its physical properties like Computer software, even with the help of synthesizers you can edit it as well.

Acoustic or Digital which should I buy and what is the better one?

Well, a piano is a versatile musical instrument of the world in what you can flourish your artistic talents, idea, concepts, inventions as a creative genius even on your own home!

You can use that one instrument on several musical genres like Jazz, pop, and even Classical music as well. It doesn’t matter much to anyone is it your invention,

 Or you are covering anyone else’s creation a piano is an instrument, weather is it acoustic or Digital, it is still able to move along with your musical expressions side by your side!!

Majority of the musical composers like Mozart to modern Yanni, choose that instrument as their weapon of expressions! Nowadays,

Modern digital pianos are grand to play with according to the mature to the professionals; it can give you the vibe of your emotional feelings to nurtured within you like an artist!  

If you are dedicated and passionate enough towards your dream, with the help of digital piano, in this YouTube and Google era, it is possible to be a master on that subject! YEAH…… 😀

Acoustic pianos produce sounds through covered hammers while hitting on the steel wired strings in case of a digital piano doesn’t even use anything wired to hit at all!!

Digital Piano

Here are the significant differences between these two types of a piano:

  • Even in excess humidity, the acoustic piano can be dis-tuned but in case Digital piano? There’ not a single chance of it!
  • It consists of high-quality audio output speakers which help even to record the play!
  • Digital piano has touch sensitivities; Keys are light to use and even can vibrate while playing the instrument!
  • It uses a range of sounds, and even a volume regulator to control it and even an equalizer to experiment it.
  • In case of maintenance, it’s flexible to use, and you don’t even need a single tuning on a Digital piano!
  • That type of piano is very much able to produce the emotion and expression even on your home by its super effects!
  • Useable o all type of users like a beginner to professionals! Where you can even judge your improvement as a pianist.
  • It doesn’t have any weights on it, so that’s flexible to move it with you and even anywhere!
  • Modern pianos are more technologically advanced where even you can update the software of it!
  • It can make several different sounds, not just only one sound like an acoustic piano!
  • Digital piano is even able to guide and motivate you as a teacher, though I pad, I Phone
  • Easy to utilize your rhythm in case of compositions and recording sessions
  • You will get several varieties in sizes as Spinet, Studio, Upright, Console.
  • You can even several virtual bandmates like Drummer, Bassist, vocalist through your Synthesizer

Versatility and flexibility:

In case of the acoustic piano, it’s their disadvantage when you are planning to roam anywhere else, because of its inflexibility rather than the digital one. If you consider having a legacy for the rest of the family,

 or your upcoming generations of yours, being a pianist can be an excellent pick for you beyond any doubt! HAHA

If you got a large living room, and have enough safety for your musical furniture no way of biting by your pets, especially dogs! You can consider a digital grand piano as a valuable part of your life!


To balance with the situation, you can even use the headphone of turn its volume level as a low tempo and still can get the positive vibe of it on our complicated modern lifestyle!

Significance and role of Piano in World Music:

On the other hand, according to the flexibility of our middle and upper-class sentiment, in case of the compact digital piano, it’s much more space savings and lighter as well regarding our apartment circumstances!

Because stage pianos are attached to loudspeakers and amplifiers, which is not suitable for your home decor!

In that case, Digital pianos made a revolutionary option for your musical lust and desire, who are ready to give their best shot with a piano bench and even with a headphone and an inexpensive item to fulfill your musical thirst as well!! OOOOOW.

 A good digital piano is a thousand times better than a bad acoustic piano, but the best digital piano is not as good as the best acoustic piano as well!! LOLZ

And to tell the truth, that’s hard for you to find the real truth behind it as a beginner!! Because you need much more skills and experiences to find it out!

Piano’s Maintenance:

Choosing a real keyboard, you will face a high maintenance cost for that sophisticated luxury! It needs a regular form of tuning,

what needs your conscious attention and a dis-tuned piano has nothing any purpose to serve you the greatest pleasure of being a pianist!

Digital piano is the light and cheaper substitute of the acoustic piano! So, you have to be wise and experiences and, in the meantime, skillful enough to know what you will like to play out in the middle! YEAH… 😀

How to become a great Pianist:

You need to invest a significant amount of money to get the real ‘feel’ of the acoustic piano, on your modern digital piano! If you can afford the cost and weight of the acoustic piano,

Because a good quality digital piano is very much able to reproduce the charm and to get the experience of playing a good quality acoustic piano by playing its role on your, instrument of life!  BINGO! 😀

there’s not much left behind to talk about; otherwise, you know what to do as a pianist! ?

Best digital piano:

Digital Piano Roland and Digital Piano and even digital piano Casio would be a good pick for you man! And an acoustic piano will be heard on your practicing hour by your neighbors so that will hamper you practice and concentrations as well.

It may have great tune and sounds, but on the other hand, you will get the opportunity of headphone’s jack and sound volume regulator on your digital piano!

Which will let you play it on holidays and even midnight and whenever you want!! HELL YEAH…… 😀

Through continuous practice, and sometimes extra hours in training if needed, go through the basic formulations over and over again, don’t worry about your mistakes in the first place,

And on your advance stages pay close attention to your every mistake. Try to play in front of the audience. Even if possible, try to find a partner! 

Concentrate more on your daily piano jamming routine! You every day’s development will encourage you to spend more time and efforts with your piano and eventually, these steps will lead you to become a professional Pianist as well.

Practicing hours and of Piano and gears to choose:

So, in our modern apartment context, the digital piano would be your best option, and there’s no doubt about it!

You will get free keys on your cheap digital keyboard what has the flexibility of playing, but in the long run, there would be a big question mark on its class distinctions! DAMN…. ☹

Longer practicing hours and jam with your fellow bandmates would have to bother about your neighbor anymore! So that’s going to be a very personal choice anyway! Good luck with that! ?

Effects of Piano on human brain and lifestyle:

Not just only playing the piano, but all form of music is the possible escape from the hard reality of our daily life so does playing Piano as well.

As a Pianist, you will be able to play Melody and Harmony at the same time, which is rare even in the modern music world! Though that is a very personal feel to deal with it, as a piano player,

Pianist or Piano lover I’m sure that instrument is very much able to deal with our sorrow, feelings, and emotions, musical desire,

creative inventions to flourish and nourish it in front of the damn cruel world! That’s what the world’s most celebrated pianist does since the Mozart era! YEAH….. ?


Name of World’s great pianists of all time:

  1. Ludwig van Beethoven
  2. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  3. Yiannis Chryssomallis
  4. Martha Argerich
  5. Claudio Arrau
  6. Vladimir Ashkenazy
  7. Daniel Barenboim
  8. Alfred Brendel
  9. Vladimir Horowitz
  10. Clara Schumann
  11. Sviatoslav Richter
  12. Arthur Rubinstein
  13. Jean-Yves Thibaudet
  14. Mitsuko Uchida


Why does the piano as a gear to choose?

Digital pianos have built-in pedals, and as you already know that is several functional activities or why is it multi-functional and it’s every aspect of it,

 what goes along with our modernized world and this time in a more modernized form for keeping the balance between the musical and real world.

What will ensure aspects and genuine feelings of yours to be expressed remotely as an artist! And you will suddenly realize what that type of pianos done towards our modern music world just like a revolution!

The ultimate future of it:

 in the world of internet and upgradations, it is quite flexible and easy to play by making several choices towards a player what no other instruments isn’t still able to deliver it in front of us!

And we must say this is an exclusive specialty of the modern electronic Digital piano is providing us!

We hope, that mind-blowing form of the piano will continue its journey of a revolution far more away shortly what will give the light of hope for the upcoming musical artist and our world music industry as well!

Because as we all know already. This piano has a versatile worldly acceptance which no other musical instruments could even get!!

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