How to set up Audiophile Power Cable

As a consumer, perhaps you aren’t facing any problem with your sound system. But you might have amazed at least once by fantastic sound experience and thought of having this experience again, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s true, this happens because of an especial extension to the sound system device.

Many people who have a sound system want to have a more melodious and sweet audio experience. So this article for those who want to know how to set up the audiophile power cable and have the most amazing sweet sound out of a monotone sound device.


Is a power cable worth to buy?

What use of having just a few meters long power cable while there is very strong and standard power cable wire outside? But think of the power grid supplies a poor thin wire cable line, what will happen? Still, can you have the same powerful audio frequency? Not because high voltage electricity produces a powerful and quality sound, and nothing can substitute it.

Though the government has ensured a powerful electricity supply from the power grid industry but to have amazing sound quality, you just need a power cable. The reason behind this is, although some electricity is passing through the very long cable, to produce a maximum melodious sound, it should increase the base electricity level. To say in a word, the last part of the cable linked to your sound device matters to a large extent. So amplifying this frequency, you are in a high need to set up a power cable.



Now let us introduce you with different generic cable parameters and what they perform to enhance your device’s sound.

  1. To get rich sound and less articulate, use heavy copper one.
  2. To have tight control over the sound, choose a lesser copper cable.
  3. If you want to have less articulate but melodious sound, then put all conductors together into one insulator.
  4. A solid core is the best option to have a faster and more controlled sound.
  5. Purchase finer standing one to have a smoother and refined sound.
  6. If the same conductors covered with different insulators, then it will produce drier but more articulate sound.
  7. A thicker stranding one creates a more solid and driven treble.


So why the final meter of a power cable is so important?

The final meter of an audiophile power cable matters the more. You are using a different cable of the extension block to play your sound device, so the audio quality is not satisfactory. But you can change the condition by adding a high-end audiophile power cable in the middle of the wire just before the final component. So only adding a simple power cable will bring an immense change to the whole color and frequency of the perceived sound.


Here the very important fact to concentrate is that adding a power cable is not the end of all sound problems. it will be the best to state this as a perfect setup of the audiophile power cable is the solution of audio sound experience.  This is because a wrong set up of a power cable will not bring any mandatory change to the audio accuracy.


An inadequate speaker can’t allow a power cable to amplify and produce a more controlled and changed sound. So, in this case, there will not be enough resolution to make any clear differences. Though it’s funny, many people make a different sense of sound only because of the color changes of different cables. So without noticing the color, emphasizing sound quality will make you understand the difference in using a power cable.


The order and phase of the connectors in the extension block dominate the audio performance. So let’s discuss how to set up a power cable maintaining the order and phase.


In an extension block, there are several connectors and wires, all in a sequence. So when adding the connectors to your device, maintain the order. Therefore, the 1st connector should place in the first position and after all one by one. But depending on which type of sound you want to produce, we can make the connection in reverse. The very first connector has the highest control system, and the rest have a more rounded but less controlled sound.


Except for the USA and the UK, other countries have permission to use such connectors along with the extension block. Phase orientation produces different sounds in different positions. So, according to your taste, you can change the orientation of the connectors.

Using phase is an advanced way to have better sound easily. But to have a perfect phase, there are some simple hacks that you can consider while setting up a cable.   

  1. Check IEC connector first to last
  2. Lump must have to locate on the underside.
  3. Its left hole must be there to make a connection.
  4. As a default, if you have a few components, then you can check the sound by putting in different phases.
  5. To avoid any kind of afford, you can set up the connectors in their default position and enjoy the highest audio performance.
  6. You can revert the phase connection to the component and enjoy different audio.
  7. The lengthy but trustable way to choose a perfect phase is measuring. To do so, take a multimeter, a grounded, and one non-grounded outlet. First, disconnect every component and interlink then connect only one component to the unearthed outlet. Finally, measure the voltage. Then again, take measure by reversing the phase connection.


So in this measuring process, you can quickly get to know which phase is the best for you. The lowest voltage connector phase is the best.

To sum up, we can finally state that depending on consumers choosing an audiophile power cable can vary. There are lots of audiophile cables out there, but to have the best sound quality, you need to check it while purchasing one.



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