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Mark Smith

Mark Smith is an owner, CEO, critic, reviewer, and author of MUSICAL INSTRU. He is a data scientist specialist by profession and a musician by passion. Basically, he has an in-depth knowledge of music and musical instruments. Mark is recently working with an expert team of audio experts, studio engineer, and guitar specialist. The team takes pride in founding MUSICAL INSTRU with reviews and tips. With many years of experience, the team research on different musical instruments and find the requisite information. Eventually, all you get is unbiased reviews on the best possible musicals instruments.

How to Improvise on Violin

How to Improvise on Violin
Violin is a string instrument that has four strings and played with a bow. No other string instrument is as small and high pitched as a violin. Violin is classically used in western music. Especially this string instrument is essential…

Comprehensive Alesis Recital Pro Review

Review of Alesis Recital Pro
The Alesis Recital was a great piano for the price, and a lot of students who needed an affordable starter piano could buy it for practicing. They’ve recently upgraded this model to the Alesis Recital Pro, an 88-key hammer action…

Honest Review of Yamaha MX88

Review of Yamaha MX88
The harmonious bliss that comes with hearing a good piano play is comparable to nothing. Since the traditional piano is often too grand, heavy and less movable, it is then ideal to have a synthesizer that can do exactly the…

How to Learn Banjo

Learn Banjo
Learning musical instrument has always been a fascination to the people from teenagers to adult who loves music. Learning new things is appreciated by all and it is the medium of showing your creativity and potentiality to the whole world.…

Benefits of 88 key piano

Benefits of 88 key piano
A piano is one of the best inventions of all musical instrument. Every piano lover wants to have a piano of their own for its elegant and beautiful sound. Pianos produce a sensuous sound which is loved by people of…