Benefits of 88 key piano

A piano is one of the best inventions of all musical instrument. Every piano lover wants to have a piano of their own for its elegant and beautiful sound. Pianos produce a sensuous sound which is loved by people of all ages. A kind of melancholic sound starts to move in the air which makes people nostalgic.

In a typical piano, there are 88 keys. Some pianos have 52 keys also. Some keyboards come with 49/66/76 keys also. But hold on! We cannot name those keyboards as an authentic piano, right?

If you are struggling in your beginner level or just facing a bit of financial lacking then you can opt out for a keyboard instead. But if you want to taste what real music is you should choose an 88 keys piano.

Piano v/s Keyboard:

Though both look almost same, they are not equal at all in functions. Pianos might not seem handy, but they will provide you with the best kind of music. A keyboard is a temporary choice, but piano with every type of notes in it is the right choice.

Benefits of an 88 keys piano:

Tone: Singers and music lovers know the importance of tone in music. A piano with 88 keys can provide you with a good variety of high and low sounds. These tones will help you to give a better tune. A keyboard with secondary keys might not give you this kind of advantage.

Weighted keys: I hope you do not intend to play with your keyboard. A keyboard is supposed to represent because it’s very light; that is why it cannot produce the sound like a good acoustic piano. The weight of the keys defines the bass quality of the sounds.

Tuning: It is an essential factor in every musical instrument. Because a good pianist will understand how he should go with his tunes. Though there are auto tuners available, a proper tuning can only be adequately provided with an 88 keys piano. Keyboards might not be a helping hand in this.

Bass: Only an 88 keys piano can provide you with the loudest bass. A keyboard might be a nightmare if you expect good bass sounds from them.

Music: You can play any music with an 88 keys piano. Acoustic pianos are well known for making good classical music. Electric pianos will provide you with jazz and pop music.

88 keys piano

Electric 88 keys piano:

Some pianos come with built-in speakers. So it is a GO-GO for the singers! You can also use amplifiers if you need to. Some excellent and expensive electric pianos are Black Yamaha P115 & Yamaha TDP143R. If your budget is a little low, you can also choose Casio Privia. All of them come with 88 keys. These are some best options for you if you are planning to buy an electric piano.

If you truly love music and want to learn it properly, buy an 88 keys keyboard. If you’re going to get the real feeling of piano, push yourself to spend little extra money and buy an 88 keys keyboard. You will know how vital it is when you will start to learn it.

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