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For guitarists, there are tons of books, most of them are focused on how to learn guitar playing from scratch, some are on advance guitar chords and all. Obviously, they are necessary but these are what you can get on the web easily. There are thousands of YouTube videos, web information. And if you have an instructor then things will become more smooth.

Except for the techniques and guidelines of guitar learning, there are some other things as well which matters a lot. Such as success stories of guitarists, advice of professionals, a lot of inspirational stories, etc. To keep learning the hardest guitar playing techniques and stay dedicated and motivated, you will need those books.

We have made a list of top 5 books guitarists should own. Go through them, there are summaries of all so that you would be able to decide which one is for you.


5 Best Books For Guitarist

1. Creative Guitar One – Written by Guthrie Govan

 Creative Guitar One – Written by Guthrie Govan

Guthrie Govan is an incredible guitarist from both a technical and creative point of view. IF you haven’t heard his name before, I urge you to take a look at some of his youtube videos so that you would know how dedicated he is. There are a couple of interviews as well about this guitarist. In this book, he gives a broad look at different techniques, theories, and some general advice as well which can play a big role.

There are a total of 3 versions of this book, Creative Guitar One, Two and recently published Three. We are discussing the first book, Creative guitar one. Everything is thoroughly covered in this, enough to give you a good understanding of some must-have guitar techniques.

At the beginning of the book, you might find it a little boring since there are only text walls, no image, no diagram. The first 47 pages are going to be a little boring but in those pages, the writer has covered the basics, so if you already know you can skip that. After the 47 pages, you will learn about how you can use music theory for building chords and different scales. Moreover, you will learn about Pentatonic scales, Caged systems, different modes, Arpeggios, etc.

This is a book of fundamentals of guitar, if you are a professional guitarist, then you might not find it beneficial for you. People are getting started with guitar, beginners and intermediate guitarists are suitable for this very book. People who love reading theories then this book will be a great suit for them.

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If you are a beginner, just started learning guitar then go for this book without a doubt, you will end up learning a lot of good stuff for sure. This book is not for professionals because they might already know what’s inside the book.

2. Zen Guitar– Written by Philip Toshio Sudo

Zen Guitar– Written by Philip Toshio Sudo

When you have this Zen book near you, that means you have a professional guitar instructor beside you. Doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or professional guitarist, this book has a lot to offer to both levels. How should be your play style, what should be your tone, how would you deal with plateaus and ruts, etc. you would learn so much from this. And trust, you will fall in love, if you are a regular learner.

You would find thousands of books that have How to learn guitar content, but there are very few books which tell you why should you play guitar, how to keep going even when the path is sour, this Zen book is a book like that. Advice and wisdom from this book can affect your entire life. And this book is not boring at all, you will find it very helpful even if you are a new reader as long as you understand the meaning.

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As mentioned before, this is a book that is suitable for all levels of guitarists. But still, it is highly effective for those learners who feel stuck in between something, who are tired and losing interest because of the difficulties. This book can work as a healer if you know to implement it right.

3. The Guitar Player Repair – Written By Dan Erlewine.

The Guitar Player Repair – Written By Dan Erlewine“The Guitar Player Repair” book has focused on how you can take care of your guitar. A guitar player faces a lot of troubles such as adjustment problems, strings related problems, string tension, etc. As the name suggests, this book is a complete guide of tricks and techniques about how you can fix your guitar-related problems. This book is like a manual, has a solution to a lot of major and minor guitar problems.

For easy navigations, at the beginning of the book, you will find a table of content that enables you to find a specific solution very easily. And the solutions inside the book are well designed along with different diagrams and images so that one can understand very easily. There are guitar interviews of professional guitarists from there you will learn a lot.

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This book is recommended for all level of guitarists, from newcomer to pro, everyone will need this book. Not only the guitar repairing, but there are also some advice and wisdom available from different professional guitarists which can play a big role.

4. Atomic Habits – Written by James Clear

Atomic Habits – Written by James Clear

This book is not about technical things, it is more psychological. This book focuses on how people form new habits and when they struggle, how they can get rid of bad habits. If you want to be a good guitarist, you have to spend a good amount of time is practice, there is no alternative. Only one way to improve yourself is practice, whether that is about learning guitar or anything else. These Atomic habit books tell you how you can form a habit of practicing regularly keeping all the distractions aside.

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This book is mainly for the beginners, who have just started guitar learning. Since they are new, they can struggle with the timing initially, this book will help them to maintain a good balance.

5. The New Psychology of SuccessThe New Psychology of Success

Like the previous one, this book is also focused on psychology. The main lesson of this book is the mindset. There are two types of mindset, fixed mindset and growth mindset. Among these two, one can harm your overall life pretty badly and the other one will keep you improving and shining. That is what this book is focused on!

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Not only guitarists, but this book is also suitable for all human beings who want to improve in their life. A great book to read for sure.


These are the top 5 books guitarists should own. All of these are highly effective books, and one is best for all human beings. Make sure you read!


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