Best Online Ukulele Lessons

When you’re settled on opting for online ukulele classes instead of in-person ones, you’re left with quite a lot of options. There are simply too many ukulele lessons online, and if you’re a beginner, the choice becomes far from easy!

Even if you’re an advanced player looking to step up your game, the overabundance of ukulele instructors and video lessons is just overwhelming. And each of us naturally wants the very best ukulele tutor and video library, especially when we’re paying for it.

For that exact reason, we’ve done our hands-on research and compiled you a list of the best online ukulele lessons that will make you the uke master you want to be in no time. Let’s get into it!

The Top 3 Online Ukulele Lessons

Website Subscription Type Key Features Editor’s Rating
(Out of 5)
Uke Like The Pros One-Time Payment or Memberships 
  • Hundreds of lessons for different skill sets
  • Top-notch refund policy
  • Flexible à la carte payment options
Ukulele Buddy One-Time Payment 
  • Easily digestible, short video lessons
  • Geared towards brand new uke players
  • 1-year money-back guarantee
Artist Works Subscription Plan
  • Personalized instructor feedback and guidance
  • Access to an online community of ukulele players
  • 100+ lessons

If you’re like me and hate the confusion that comes with making a decision that’s set to be a milestone in your life, I’ve got you covered! Before taking you to a full dive into each course I’ve chosen to be on this list, I’ll give you the epitome of what I found to be the best online ukulele lessons. The rest are top-notch as well, but I have two favorites to make you learn while having fun. 

Uke Like the Pros A unique mixture of a massive library of ukulele lessons, first-rate video quality, an interactive community of ukulele players, and a world-class instructor, ukuleleist, and guitarist. If you’re a beginner, Uke Like the Pros takes you by the hand for a free “Ukulele Fundamentals” mini-course, and you can then save 20% and receive the “Beginning Ukulele Bootcamp.” Beginners to intermediate players, rejoice! You can also get “Master the Ukulele” 1 & 2 at a 20% discount.  That’s not to mention that the memberships are on offer too. Get the Premium Membership Monthly or Premium Membership Yearly with access to all courses, even the advanced ones!


Ukulele Buddy Looking for easy to digest online lessons to allow you to learn to play the ukulele up to your full potential? JP Allen and Mitch Chang’s extraordinarily engaging teaching practices will do just that. And the cherry on top is that you’ll only make a once in a lifetime payment of $67 for full access to all courses. 

The 7 Best Online Ukulele Lessons in 2021

We can now buckle up and get going with our full in-depth reviews of the best lessons you can go for to either learn to play the ukulele online from scratch or take your playing to a heightened level with new songs and improved ukulele playing techniques. Keep reading!

1. Uke Like The Pros

Trial Option: Free Ukulele Fundamentals mini-course along with an excellent refund policy
Payment Structure: À la carte payment options or subscriptions plans
Our Favorite Features: Flexible payment options, comprehensive ukulele lessons for all players’ skill sets 
Best For: Beginners – Advanced

Uke Like The Pros is inevitably one of the best online ukulele lessons, which is why you can’t possibly find a list of the leading online lessons without finding it there. Whether you’re looking to learn how to hold the ukulele or already a pro looking to learn some techniques to give you an edge, Uke Like The Pros has something to offer you!

For starters, the instrument lessons are led by one of the world’s top experts, Terry Carter. To give you a background, he’s an accomplished musician with 25+ years of experience in music instruction, who also happens to work with award-winning bands like Weezer, The Los Angeles Philharmonic, and Josh Groban, for instance. He has also composed songs for well-established entities, like Animal Planet, CBS, and MTV, among others. Hooked yet? 

You would expect that someone this busy would barely have time for music teaching. But believe me, he’s here to demolish all such expectations. The way he delivers the online ukulele courses is just tremendous –– the content is purely outstanding, he’s organized to a great extent, and he’s talented not just in music but in teaching it, too. You’ll have no trouble staying up to speed with your ukulele lessons!

What’s more, Carter conducts regular webinars to immerse you in the ukulele playing experience as much as possible, so you get to engage with him in real-time. Plus, he does some giveaways and competitions along the way! 

What price does all of that come at? You’ll be impressed with the flexibility of payment options! To begin with, if you’re interested in particular courses, you have the luxury of purchasing them à la carte –– no strings attached. And if you’re looking for a more long-lasting bond with your ukulele courses? That’s where the memberships come in.

You can become a Uke Like The Pros premium member by opting for either a monthly or yearly membership and save 20%. Through this membership, you gain access to the full library of courses, participate in giveaways’ competitions, attend the webinars and live calls with Terry, and become a member of Uke Like The Pros’ very active community of ukulele players.

On the courses’ front, if you’re a beginner, I’d advise you to opt for the “Beginning Ukulele Bootcamp” easy-to-follow course to start building your foundations (for $20 normally and now for just $16.) With this one, you learn all about chords, unlock 25+ lesson videos for beginners, and learn the best strum patterns and techniques.

Uke Like The Pros

Then, if you’re standing between beginner and intermediate levels, there’s no better than the flagship courses, “Master the Ukulele” 1 & 2. No one tried these courses and didn’t love them! You delve beyond the core basics to progress to advanced levels of ukulele playing techniques, song playing styles, and much more.

Since there’s something for everyone, advanced players have a wide range of lessons for the ukulele to choose from. When you’re an advanced player, you don’t really need a full-blown lesson program; instead, you’re usually searching for a specialized course in a particular area. Be that area music reading, fingerstyle playing, music theory, songs, or more, you’ll find it.

Lastly, I’d like to pinpoint that regardless of which option you opt for among the ones I’ve mentioned, Uke The Pros has an outstanding money-back guarantee in place. As I said, no strings attached –– you can opt-out anytime.


  • Flexible payment options
  • Solid money-back guarantee
  • Excellent instructor who’s a global musician
  • Short, easy to digest courses
  • Engaging webinars and giveaways


  • Advanced à la carte courses can be on the pricier side of the spectrum
  • Webinar sessions can be inconveniently timed for some depending on the area of residence

2. Ukulele Buddy

Trial Option: No free courses, just a 1-year money-back guarantee
Payment Structure: One-time payment
Our Favorite Features: Learn at your own pace instruction method, made possible by the availability of pre-recorded lessons
Best For: Beginners

Ukulele Buddy is ultimately geared at beginners looking to learn the ukulele faster than they know it and at the same time at their own pace. If that sounds like the plan you have for yourself, Ukulele Buddy should be your online ukulele lesson of choice.

Led by instructors JP Allen and Mitch Chang, who graduated from the University of Hawaii, where the ukulele originated, you’re guaranteed that you’re in good hands. You’ll learn how to play the ukulele in the most effective ways. The two instructors have been both teaching and performing the ukulele for 20+ years, so they certainly know what they’re doing.

Ukulele Buddy

What I admire about Ukulele Buddy is that it gives a chance for those who don’t prefer high levels of interaction with their instructors to learn as well as those who do. With this platform, all the courses are pre-recorded and very short-lasting. If you play at least seven minutes three times a week, Ukulele Buddy promises to have you strumming in that week!

One would think that given that Ukulele Buddy is targeted at beginners, the genre variety would be kept to the minimum. However, the reality of the matter is that quite a lot of genres are available for you, from pop to rock. 

So, not only do you get acquainted with techniques, chord tricks, strumming, fingering techniques, and so much more, but you also get exposed to different genres that put you on the right path to ukulele mastery.

Lastly, to the part that’s of utmost importance to us all, Ukulele Buddy offers you the opportunity to make a one-time payment for a set of pre-recorded lessons, and ta-da, you have them for life! No memberships, no recurring payments!


  • Super suitable ukulele lessons for beginners 
  • Learn at your own pace course style
  • Courses are compatible with different devices
  • Lifetime access to the ukulele classes


  • Not enough content for intermediate and advanced ukulele players

3. Rocket Ukulele

Trial Option: 60 days money-back guarantee
Payment Structure: Single, non-recurring payment for lifetime access
Our Favorite Features: Speedy yet effective learning path
Best For: Beginners

If you’re rather impatient when it comes to lessons or learning anything new in general, you’ll love what Rocket Ukulele has to offer. This platform pledges to empower you to learn playing the ukulele in a matter of 30 days or less! 

By offering you step-by-step online lessons that you can access from any device, you can literally take lessons while you’re on the go. Not to mention, the songs are available in different formats; audio files, chord sheets, and transposed in tabs. 

Rocket Ukulele

The tutorials include some pretty awesome songs that you can play along with and other resources to keep you engaged, like quizzes, games, and flashcards. Generally speaking, they’re super easy to follow, beginner-friendly, and very to-the-point.

What’s unique about Rocket Ukulele is its community. Through the forum-like platform, you can watch and communicate with other uke players, including beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. Even the instructors participate in these discussions to give you some top-notch advice that goes a long way!

I have to say, though, that the video quality of the lessons isn’t up to par with most online video lessons, but in return, you do get a much more affordable price. It’s your best option if you’re on a tight budget, especially if you’re a beginner! 


  • Compressed learning style for faster ukulele learning
  • A wide range of resources complementing the video lessons
  • Highly engaging and interactive ukulele community
  • Suitable lessons for beginners


  • Subpar video quality
  • Not suitable for a different skill level other than beginner

4.  Fender Play

Trial Option: One month
Payment Structure: Monthly or annual subscriptions
Our Favorite Features: Modern user interface with top-notch video quality
Best For: Beginners – Intermediate

Fender Play isn’t solely a platform for learning ukulele playing; it’s one for musicians of all levels playing different string instruments. Most recently, ukulele lessons were added to the library of courses, and they’re superb!

You can’t mention Fender Play and not bring up its neat, state-of-the-art user-interface. Once you open the website, you’re just so intrigued to continue navigating it and find the right video lesson or learning path for you. Regardless of your level, you’ll find something for you on Fender Play.

Fender Play

Equally appealing is the tutorial videography. Each ukulele lesson is shot in high-quality and from different camera angles so you can visualize the most detailed aspects of the playing process to be able to replicate it. 

Moreover, on the instructors’ front, they’re the type who take it slow and don’t rush into things. You won’t find yourself needing to pause frequently. It’s as if the lesson was tailored for your own pace! Also, the courses offer practice runs so you can play along with the exercise that pops up during the video.

You can expect yourself to start strumming along to your favorite songs proficiently in approximately half an hour –– no exaggeration! 

I also loved that the desktop app offers you a lot of resources to support your learning. Tips and tricks, frequently asked questions, how-to’s, and more are among the things you’ll find to acquaint you with the best ukulele tricks! Not to mention, there’s a Fender Tune app providing you with a tuner, pre-programmed drum beats, metronome, chord charts, scales, and more.

Payment-wise, Fender Play offers monthly and annual subscription options. With paid memberships, you unlock the entire ukulele, guitar, and bass programs with all their relevant material. Also, you get a free trial. Could it get any better?


  • Organized learning paths suitable for beginners
  • Supporting mobile applications
  • Neat user interface
  • High-quality video lessons
  • A lot of accompanying resources 


  • More suitable for beginners rather than advanced or intermediate players
  • No community

5. Artist Works

Trial Option: Unavailable
Payment Structure: 3, 6, and 12-month membership plans
Our Favorite Features: Video exchanges with instructors to receive personalized feedback to ensure your progress
Best For: Beginners – Advanced

Similar to FenderPlay, Artist Works also offers lessons for a different variety of instruments, not just the ukulele. Moreover, it offers private lessons, which can be a plus for many people!

The online ukulele courses on Artist Works are administered by renowned ukulele players Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel. These two are a breeze to attend lessons with, and their passion truly takes the experience to a whole different level!

Artist Works

As I mentioned, if you prefer private lessons, ArtistWorks gives you the chance to record yourself on video while practicing and send it over to the instructors to receive personalized feedback. When you know your strong and weak points, you certainly improve your ukulele playing skills.

Moreover, upon opting for a subscription plan, you become part of an online community of ukulele players, where each of you could share their ukulele tricks and playing practices! Speaking of subscription, Artist Works offers 3, 6, and 12-month memberships, and with each of them, you get access to online lessons for different instruments.

For the ukulele, specifically, you unlock more than 2,000 online video lessons with integrated tabs. Furthermore, you get a music library of over 100 songs to practice along with. You’ll be an advanced ukulele player in no time!

On that note, Artist Works is far from being beginner geared. It’s for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players alike. Whatever your skill level, you’ll find something to match it.


  • Private lessons with personalized constructive feedback
  • A community of ukulele players sharing their experiences and best practices
  • A vast library of both songs and ukulele lessons


  • No money-back guarantees

6. Ukulele Tricks

Trial Option: Free lessons in addition to a 60-day money-back guarantee
Payment Structure: One-time payment
Our Favorite Features: A vast number of free ukulele lessons for beginners for encouragement
Best For: Beginners – Advanced

From beginner to advanced ukulele player, Ukulele Tricks is here to guide your journey regardless of which phase you’re at. Through incredible online video courses accompanied by step-by-step ones, you’re guaranteed to learn ukulele mastery the right way.

The ukulele lessons are led by Brett McQueen, the founder of Ukulele Tricks, who’s exceptionally talented and presents the content in an easy-to-follow method that leaves no one behind. It’s also worth noting that McQueen is an author; he published several books on how to learn ukulele practicing and playing. These are also available on the website!

If you’re a beginner, Ukulele Tricks provides you with 14 free instructional videos to acquaint you with the fundamentals of the ukulele, including how to tune the instrument, chord basics, how to strum songs, scales, tabs, and more. 

Ukulele Tricks

Following that, you can start choosing your own path and selecting the paid courses of your desire. You’ll find a library of your favorite songs that will keep you immersed, and in no time, you’ll find yourself a different ukulele player than how you started!

Last but not least, you get access to all courses through a one-time purchase!


  • 14 free ukulele lessons for beginner players
  • A large library of lessons for all levels alike
  • Lifetime lessons’ access with just one payment
  • Enthusiastic instructor


  • Foundation lessons don’t really tackle music theory to the fullest
  • No interaction with the instructor for those who prefer engagement

7. Ukulele Underground 

Trial Option: Two weeks free trial, 30-day money-back guarantee
Payment Structure: One-time purchase, monthly and annual membership plans
Our Favorite Features: Private ukulele lessons availability
Best For: Beginners – Advanced

Ukulele Underground is one of the best online lessons if you want to learn about the ukulele, its history, music theory, playing songs, and the list goes on! With an incomparable song library and cohesive ukulele instruction material, you can’t go wrong with this one.

There’s not a single thing that Ukulele Underground doesn’t offer. For starters, you have the option of recording your practice sessions online and uploading them to share with your instructor and receive constructive feedback. What’s more, you can make these videos available for everyone to view and learn.

Ukulele Underground

What’s also awesome about Ukulele Underground is that the lessons cover the very basics of the ukulele, which is perfect if you’re a beginner! From how to hold the ukulele to learning the ins and outs of chords and ukulele tricks, you go the extra mile with your learning without feeling it.

Most of the courses are led by Ran, Aaron, and Aldrine, renowned musicians and ukulele masters. They’ve been in the music teaching industry for over 10 years now, and they’re also the ones who can provide you with private lessons at your own pace and convenience. 

If you want to give it a shot, make sure to make use of Ukulele Underground’s free trial period (two weeks) and then decide if you want to take it further! I’m pretty sure you will, because not only are the courses extensive, but the song library is like no other. And the courses can be accessed anywhere –– be it through their app on your desktop.  


  • Comprehensive lessons
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • A lot of free lessons
  • Downloadable content
  • Private online lessons
  • Dedicated smartphone app


  • The subscription plans are relatively expensive

How to Choose an Online Ukulele Lesson

When you’re looking to learn the ukulele online, the choice isn’t exactly easy, as we’ve just seen. Most of the lessons are actually quite great, but since you’re making a purchase, you’ll want to make sure you end up with the right ukulele lesson for you. I’ve been in your shoes, so here’s all you need to look for when choosing an online ukulele lesson!


Lessons are only as good as the instructors leading them. When assessing an instructor, you want someone engaging, talented in teaching, and with extensive knowledge of the instrument. Preferably, they should also be practicing the uke.

Since not all websites offer you a free trial, you can always go to Youtube or Vimeo to watch short videos of the instructors leading your chosen course. That way, you’ll get a sense of whether their instruction style is what you’re seeking. Also, pay special attention to the type of music or genre they enjoy playing, in case it’s not your aspiration.

Course Level 

There are no one-size-fits-all lessons for the uke. Different lessons are made with specific skills in mind, so make sure that the course you’re choosing is appropriate for your skill level.  

Money-Back Guarantee

For a lot of people, learning the ukulele is a trial and error process. Sometimes, you really need to try different courses to settle on one. In that case, you need to check the refund policies offered by the website you’re choosing. If your courses are non-refundable, you’re trapped!

Course Timings

Some online uke lessons are more structured than others. While, yes, the course is fully executed online, some instructors like to ensure commitment by holding regular webinars, live sessions, or even giving you assignments with a deadline. 

Therefore, when you choose a course, double-check that you’re up to the time investment required from you. If you have a lot on your plate between work, working out, family commitments, and more, and just want to learn at your own pace, it would be best to avoid lessons that require you to attend live sessions on a regular basis. 


People are different. There are introverts and extroverts, and ukulele lessons take that into account. If you’re an extrovert who’s looking to become part of a uke community and you’re looking to network with your instructors, you need to look for a course that offers you just that. 

The default is that courses are pre-recorded and available on the website, so engagement is a bonus that isn’t always available. Yet, it’s there! You just need to do your research according to the level of interaction you require.

The same goes for whether you prefer private lessons where you record yourself to receive feedback, or you just want to learn at your own pace with minimal interaction. Both are perfectly okay!

 Why Should You Opt for Paid Online Ukulele Lessons?

Good question! Why would you go for paid uke courses if there are tons of Youtube videos, tutorials, and forums with free videos? Here’s why. 

Comprehensively Rich Content

In general, Youtube videos and free courses tend to scratch the surface when it comes to ukulele instruction. Yes, you do get out of them with some learning, but not the learning you’d want if you’re keen on mastering the instrument.

With paid lessons, you get a media library full of step-by-step instructions, downloadable content, music sheets, books, and more! You basically get a whole package of everything you may never need to learn the ukulele, all in one place.

Structured Path

Structure is fundamental if you’re a beginner looking to learn the ukulele. You want someone to put you on the right path because you won’t know which course comes before which, or what to learn before what. And that’s what paid courses offer you as a beginner!

On the other hand, free lessons are lacking in terms of that structure. You’ll find a video here and there, and you’ll have to mix and match. Not to mention, the instructors won’t be as incentivized to put in that effort of developing a course plan as they would if they’re getting paid to do so. 


Let’s be honest with each other. Would you stay committed to learning the ukulele if you didn’t have to pay a penny? Chances are, you wouldn’t! You would just keep postponing it to another day, week, month, or even year, since they’re always available for you to watch anytime.

In contrast, when you actually make an investment, you sort of force yourself to commit to the learning path you paid for. Because if you don’t, that’s just a waste of your own money and time.

And just like any other instrument, the ukulele needs continuous and consistent practicing. You won’t learn it if it’s day on and day off. Accordingly, paid online courses are what make you commit day after day, especially if you’re a beginner! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Online Ukulele Lessons for Beginners?

The reality of the matter is that tons of online ukulele lessons target beginners, and a lot of them are first-rate ones! Yet, to date, I would say Ukulele Buddy takes the lead. It truly helps you start on solid ground, and the content is short, easy to digest, and engaging.

How Much Are Ukulele Lessons?

Like anything else in the world, the prices vary. A lot of factors go into their pricing. For example, if you’re taking the sessions offline, they can be pretty expensive and depend on where you’re living. However, e-lessons can start at $50. And, of course, there’s always free content on Youtube.

How Often Should I Practice Ukulele?

At least five days a week would be the optimal scenario if your schedule allows it. Practice makes perfect, so the more time you allocate for your practicing, the faster you get going with your ukulele skills!

Can I Learn Ukulele Online? 

Of course! Online learning is the future, and it already started. Today, there are endless online ukulele courses that are just as effective as in-person ones. And that’s not to say that the humane element isn’t there; far from that! You can attend personalized sessions, exchange videos with your instructor, participate in webinars and competitions, and much more!

How Long Does It Take to Learn the Ukulele?

It depends on how often you practice, your current skill set, and your learning pace. There isn’t really a specific timeframe. However, some people learn it in as little as a month but don’t pressure yourself. Take as long as you need as long as you’re making progress.

Final Thoughts

With the uke being such a breeze to learn, it’s no wonder that there’s an overabundance of courses for it online! I hope that our shortlist of the best online ukulele lessons has helped you narrow down your options or make a decision altogether.

As I mentioned, it would also come in handy if you established a list of the factors that matter to you. Be specific about what genre you’re looking to play, whether you prefer interaction or not, the time you have on hand, your current skill set, and other factors that can influence your experience.

Whichever platform you choose from our list, rest assured that you’ll get an experience you’ll always remember! Happy strumming!

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