10 Best Travel Electric Guitar -100% Holidaymaker

Who does not need a holiday? Everyone needs it. Holiday, in fact, charges up to begin a new journey better.

So, when it comes to guitarists, they face one common problem. The problem is: how can I carry my travel guitar?

This question leads to fear with some terrifying queries like:

  • Can I run the guitar with an iPhone or Irig?
  • Does it meet the airline’s guide?
  • Will it fit inside my luggage?
  • Can I carry it while riding a motorcycle?

Oh my god! I cannot take it anymore. I would either shorten my trip or leave the guitar. This is what you ended up saying, right?

Wait! I have a solution.

In this post, you are going to read the best travel electric guitar. These are 100% holidaymakers. You don’t need to shorten the trip or worry about the nightmare.

Now, what are you going to read? Let me show:

  • 10 best travel electric guitars review  
  • Buying guide with money-back guarantee.
  • 5 questions that every buyer asks
  • 10 travel electric guitar care tips:

In a hurry? Here are our top picks..

[amazon box=”B077NPWNN2,B07XV9NXD1,B07GTBW1QN,B00J4QGP0A,B07N435WF6,B000OQI2CI,B07M7H2ST4,B07BPHMT4P,B00CTUHFX4,B07K4TVHW3,” items=”6″ template=”table”]

10 best travel electric guitars review:

Stewart Electric Travel Guitar – Stow-Away

Stewart Electric Travel Guitar - Stow-Away

[amazon fields=”B077NPWNN2″ value=”button”]

Caution! It’s a beast. I never thought that I could carry a professional guitar in a backpack! Does it sound interesting?

Stow-away made it possible. They made a fantastic travel guitar that can even kill the live stage. Here are the positive and negative of Stewart.

Stewart offers a disassembled electric-travel guitar. You can remove it with one switch that sits behind the body.

The switch also paves a way to put the neck inside the guitar body. So, you don’t have to take the extra hassle.

Although it’s a bit tricky, I don’t think it will be hard for you after a while. Now let’s move on to the sound and built quality.

The sound quality of Stewart is mesmerizing – a true Stratocaster tone. It has H+S+S coils to spice up the tone. You can fuel up the feel using the five-way switching.

One of the biggest benefits of this switching is tone quality. For example, I used it in a live show. In that show, the switching technology was tested in three different songs.

The neck sound was dry, and the bridge part was wet. But the middle coil sound was moderate -even Its satisfying.

I prefer to use the switching on song demand. Trust me! This guitar can’t beat professional guitars. How? Let’s explain it through the final part.

Stewart used the finest wood in their travel guitar. They used alder for the body and maple for the neck. Both woods are weatherproof.

You can even fly with this guitar because it won’t shrink or swallow. Just give your backpack to the cabin crew, they can handle it.

So, noodling or kicking off a tour would not be at risk anymore. Get this Stewart and start to roar the hall room.

Reasons to Pick

  • Meets the airline guide.
  • Patented clip joint
  • Smooth frets.
  • Easy to carry.
  • It comes with a backpack.

Any Drawbacks?

  • Disassembling seems tricky.

Traveler Guitar 6 String Solid-Body Guitar

Traveler Guitar 6 String Solid-Body Guitar

[amazon fields=”B07XV9NXD1″ value=”button”]

Traveler is the second sexy guitar from my list. It has an eye-catching look with a heart-melting sound. So, what are the reasons for that mysterious sound? Here you go.

The American hardwood maple and dual-rail humbucker pickup is the reason for that sound. To take a sound test, I plugged this yellow beast with my vox amp.

Wow! Overdrive, clean sounds amazing. You can perform a full-length gig with it. Trust me! Traveler can handle it.

Another reason is body constructions. Traveler installed the chrome tuner behind the body. It means there is no headstock.

You can fit in the overhead bin of the airline. They mentioned it in their product. However, one thing that seems odd – there is no armrest feature!

Although they provide a new steel lap rest, armrest could make this guitar flawless. I don’t believe: it could be a deal-breaker cause the sound rules.

If you are searching for a 28% lighter and 68% shorter guitar than regular size, the choice is yours.

Reasons to Pick

  • American hardwood maple
  • Dual humbucker pickup
  • Nylon gig bag.
  • Last feature.

Any Drawbacks?

  • I wish they could add an armrest.

Traveler Guitar 6 String Pro-Series (Antique Brown)

Traveler Guitar 6 String Pro-Series (Antique Brown)

[amazon fields=”B07GTBW1QN” value=”button”]

I named this traveler series as “doctor adventure.” Let me explain why.

The guitar has a stethoscope headphone for private practice. It does not even need a battery for that. So, you can play without disturbing your neighbors.

Whatsmore, travelers also offer a delicate sound with a single-coil pickup.

The sound of this pickup is surprising. Here is why?

I played dirty to clean my Blackstar. The overall sound has a bittersweet experience.

This is because of two essential elements; Strings and body.

The string quality is amazing. It has low tension for better bending. So, your noodling session can even make your finger smooth.

The next thing is the body. It is built from solid maple. You know! Solid maple is best for a balanced sound.

That is why this Pro series has buzz-free acoustic sound. You can even use this for studio sessions.

In a word, carry your thoughts wherever you go for a holiday.

Reasons to Pick

  • Nylon bag
  • It fits with the airline guide.
  • Electric and headphone jack
  • Lap rest with the volume knob

Any Drawbacks?

  • No armrest feature.

Shredneck Travel Guitar – Cherry Sunburst – STVD-CS

Shredneck Travel Guitar - Cherry Sunburst - STVD-CS[amazon fields=”B00J4QGP0A” value=”button”]

Shredneck is something better than the third one. It offers a total tour package -including a lucrative gig bag. The bag can take tour stress. So, don’t worry about the guitar, just practice shredding.

To make your shredding skill better, Shredneck offers a full-scale neck. Your finger will get a regular space to prepare for the show.

This Les Paul shape also offers a NATO body.

Inside the body, it has two humbucker pickups. To control the pickups’ taste, Shredneck offers three-way toggle switches.

Each switch represents a real bright sound. You can even come in the spotlight with its sound. So, don’t stop to surprise your audience.


Reasons to Pick

  • NATO wood body.
  • Bright sound
  • 36-inch size

Any Drawbacks?

  • Too small for fat fingers

Classical Guitar Anygig Nylon Strings Backpacker Travel Guitar

Classical Guitar Anygig Nylon Strings Backpacker Travel Guitar [amazon fields=”B07N435WF6″ value=”button”]

“Never compromise with yourself,” Anygig believes the quotation.

They focused on the best playing experience with compact size. That is the reason for saying: functional, moderate sound, and lightweight.

Now, what this nylon string offers? It offers a full scale with enough free space. You can play any flamenco with this guitar.

The guitar also offers a weatherproof body. It is made from hard American maple. This wood does not change for the climate. So, you don’t have to face tone fluctuations.

This guitar also has piezo pickup for a less warm sound. You will feel the real acoustic sound with each strum.

No doubt, this is something genius. For that, I will rate it 4 out of 5.

I could rate point five extra, but I wish this guitar had an armrest.

Reasons to Pick

  • Compact size.
  • Soft nylon strings
  • Piezo pickup

Any Drawbacks?

  • No armrest.

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar [amazon fields=”B000OQI2CI” value=”button”]

Oh my god! I just loved the sound of this series. It is a pure alternative to mini acoustic. Don’t you believe it? Read my review then!

I will start with the sound. It has two different sounds: with amplifier and without an amplifier. The amplified sound is bright, like regular acoustic. You can even record a whole track with it.

Next is without an amp: it does not bother the person sitting right next to you. I don’t mean too low, instead of a perfect guitar to noodle in a hotel room.

Like the sound, Traveler also offers a solid wood quality. They used walnuts for enduring the humidity. So, your guitar won’t get swallowed or shrank either.

You just need to focus on touring. The rest of the thing will handle this guitar. For example, the string quality is superb! It has a balanced tension for sensitive fingers.

I want to add one more example: weight. It’s lighter than a regular mini guitar, and even sounds better. So, just show it to the cabin crew. They will be surprised!

Reasons to Pick

  •  Walnut body
  • Piezo pickup
  • Lighter than a mini guitar.
  • Adjustable lap rest

Any Drawbacks?

  • I notice fret buzz, but you can fix it with the truss rod.

SNG-LTD Traveler Guitar Anygig Right Hand

SNG-LTD Traveler Guitar Anygig Right Hand [amazon fields=”B07M7H2ST4″ value=”button”]

Want to take your playing 10x better? See the SNG review. I mentioned all the essentials you need to know.

SNG offers a full-scale headless guitar. Means, you have saved space without wasting quality.

Quality? Yes, the body is made from hard maple for a balanced tone. This tone is equal to high-end guitar.

You will get the proof when you start to date! Still not convinced?

Let me reveal another offer. Anygig used dual-rail humbucker pickup that is used in LP series. We all know the sound of Slash, right?

You will feel that in this guitar. The guitar also comes with a lap rest and double strap holder. That means you can practice everywhere when you are on tour.

This SNG has even enhanced the playing experience with a unique string design. One can polish its guitar arrangement by noodling over the soft strings.

So, don’t let yourself lose in the crowd of talented guitarists. Grab your guitar and boost up the playing.

Reasons to Pick

  • Short size
  • Humbucker pickup
  • Delicate sound.

Any Drawbacks?

  • Fret space could be better.

Traveler Guitar 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar EG1B BKM

Traveler Guitar 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar EG1B BKM [amazon fields=”B07BPHMT4P” value=”button”]

Have you seen “all in one” travel guitar before? This Traveler series can be a real example of that.

It has a built-in amp. Means, you don’t have to carry a mini amp. Just tweak the tone knob, enjoy the beauty of overdrive, clean, distortion, and more.

This guitar also offers three jack ports: headphone, aux, and regular.

Three of these features can amplify your playing even better without bothering your neighbors.

The series also offers a heavy-duty sound. For that, Traveler used Seymour Duncan H pickup.

That humbucker is a beast! Every time you hit the string, it will roar like a lion inside your headphone.

To boost up the pickup power, Traveler used mahogany for the body. This wood creates a sexy tone for its balanced texture.

I found the same texture in the fretboard. Travelers used here the rosewood for a light warm sound.

Overall feature indicates: don’t miss, the stock is limited!

Reasons to Pick

  • 24-inch size
  • Cutway body
  • Built-in amp.


Any Drawbacks?

  • The tune sustainability could be stronger.

Hofner HCTSHCGO Cadillac Green Travel Electric Guitar

Hofner HCTSHCGO Cadillac Green Travel Electric Guitar [amazon fields=”B00CTUHFX4″ value=”button”]

I tried hard to bring it in number eight- could not.

Why? It’s because of the palm-sized body! Yes. One of the shortest guitar body so far

Hofner made.

My first glance was like, ” maybe the sound won’t be good” trust me! After spending a few hours, i remorse.

The humbucker pickup is bright. It even killed my 40-watt amp.

I tried overdrive, distortion, and built-in presets. All of them sound good except for the clean tone. The tone is not as expected.

I don’t think it will be a deal-breaker because of the wood. The Basswood sound is always a good friend for old metalheads.

So, if your genre is metal, take a bow from hofner.

Reasons to Pick

  • Palm-sized body.
  • Humbucker pickup
  • Short scale guitar.

Any Drawbacks?

  • The body is short for paying while you are sitting.

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Full-Scale Natural Electric Guitar Bundle

Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Full-Scale Natural Electric Guitar Bundle [amazon fields=”B07K4TVHW3″ value=”button”]

Let me be honest with this guitar bundle. The bundle is best for brushing up the skills.

It offers a sturdy cable with scrubbing cloth. These essentials come with a nylon bag.

You can fit the bag in the airline overbin or, ride in a bike using it as a backpack. It is, Indeed, a second weapon.

Now moving to the sound. The sound of Traveler represents the need for a Tour player.

They used a piezo pickup in this series. Means, you will hear a real bright sound of each strum.

People are still complaining about fret buzz, but you can fix it by applying a slight adjustment. Is that tough?

Not at all. It is even not a heartbreaker. Why?

The breathtaking built quality is the reason. You know! Travelers used solid maple wood and quality strings. They also offer different colors. So, grab this bundle to make your holiday more productive!


Reasons to Pick

  • It comes with a bundle.
  • Solid wood.
  • Ultra-light.

Any Drawbacks?

  • I don’t prefer it for the recording.

Buying guide with money-back guarantee:


I have answered all the essential queries through my reviews. The reviewed guitar will solve all the primary problems.

Now, the query is: how to choose a perfect travel electric guitar? Learn the unbeatable buying tips:


My first recommendation is to select the right size. To select a proper sized travel guitar, you need to specify the need.

I know it’s tough to specify. So, here is the solution: Maximum airline allows 36 inches guitar for over bin.

This size is good enough even to carry during a bus, train, or bike journey. Problem solved!!

Wood quality:

Next, I suggest you check the wood quality. Why? Since you travel to different cities, countries, your guitar experiences humidity issues. The guitar either gets swelled or shrank.

It later results in a cranky tone. To avoid this situation, I prefer to look for these woods: Maple, Mahogany, and Basswood.

The quality of those woods is outstanding. Here is a short glimpse of each wood sound:

  • Maple: This wood has a bright sound with great sustain.
  • Mahogany: the sound of mahogany is fat and warm
  • Basswood: for a strong mid and warm tone, basswood is good enough.


Travel electric guitars come in single and humbucker pickups. Regarding the pickup, there are so many myths I have seen. Number one is: travel guitars coils are not good.

Well, i don’t agree with the myth cause there are several travel guitar makers in the market. They niche down their business only on travel guitars.

Most of them even won awards for professional travel guitars. Their guitar can be used in recording sessions. So, there is no doubt about the quality.

Especially the pickups: I spent hours behind the reviewed products. Some of them have piezo, single or humbucker. Each of them sounds great! I even recorded a song with the Traveler series. What is the problem?

So, the outline of this discussion is: check the guitar sound. To check the sound, you don’t have to go to the store. There are numerous dedicated guitar enthusiasts on youtube, check their reviews then pay your cash.

Guitar accessories:

Since the guitars are made for travelers, manufacturers provide all essentials, including truss rod! You don’t have to worry about that. Just watch over the quality. Some guitars do not offer a legit lap rest. They even get rusted easily after three or four months. So, watch over the accessories.

Questions that every buyer asks:


Q-1: How much should I budget for travel electric guitar?

There is no limit on how much you should set for your travel electric guitar. If you can afford $300, it’s good enough. It’s not like you won’t get a good guitar without my mentioned budget. There are plenty of guitars under $200. Check your requirement first


Q-2: How to know a good travel electric guitar?

It’s easy to know a good travel electric guitar. Just look at the wood quality, size, and sound. These three kings should be the main focus. If these are good, you are a winner!


Q-3: Are the materials essential in travel guitar?

Of course! Durability significantly relies on the materials. For example, the guitar wood changes its nature for changing the humidity. You need to choose the right wood that does not compromise sound quality. So, its evident that materials are essential in travel guitar.


Q-4: Can you give us restringing tips?

Restringing a travel electric is a bit tricky. The reason is different tuner pegs, here are the simple tips.

  • Get the right material first.
  • Start from the half: tie the first three strings. Then, proceed for the rest of the three.
  • Cut all the leftovers.

Have you memorized the tips? Just go to the link on how to restring a travel guitar. Thank me later.

10 travel electric guitar care tips:

Travel Electric Guitar Care Tips

Well, your travel guitar used to go through a huge pressure during the journey. It needs regular care. So, how do you take 2-minute care of that little beast? Follow the tips.

  • Loosen up the string after two days, and clean the whole guitar.
  • If possible, use a padded gig bag. It will save the guitar from unwanted accidents.
  • Restring your guitar after two months. The time is not applicable to everyone. It depends on: how frequent you make holidays.
  • Use a string winder to tie up the strings.
  • Apply fret conditioner twice in a month. It keeps the fretboard fresh.
  • Polish the guitar body every week.
  • Check the wood condition when you play.
  • Never use low-end guitar cables. It will burn the pickups.
  • Always monitor the coil health. Since electric supply differs from place to place, it may affect coil health. Take your guitar to the nearest store to check the pickup health.

Wrap up

I answered the most asked questions through my reviews, buying guides, and tips. The aim of my article is to solve the problems. So, if you still have any queries regarding this best travel electric guitar post, leave the comment.

Till then, enjoy your holidays with my recommended products. As long as this article is bookmarked in your browser, your holiday becomes 100% relaxing. Take care!

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