Does it make more Sense to Buy an Electric Guitar Kit, or Just Buy an Inexpensive Guitar?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. Many will say it is sensible, whereas many others will say it is not. It depends on several things. Some people who live by making musical instruments stated that it took countless attempts to make an instrument perfectly. That means making a musical instrument is not a piece of cake; you have to have skill.


So what is the answer?

If you are highly skilled and have lots of experience handling countless numbers of guitars, buy an electric guitar kit, and build one can be a sensible solution. Otherwise, an inexpensive guitar is your easy and hassle-free answer.  

If you want to be a guitar maker, it is better to be supervised by a skilled Luthier (someone who designs Guitar) to learn the art of guitar making and maintenance. Yes, it is an art. You have to master the art to start guitar making. Otherwise, buying an electric guitar kit never gives you any value. 

If you wish you could try, nothing is impossible for a human, right?

In the following section, I will discuss the benefits and shortcomings of the DIY project for making an electric guitar. After that, I will also explain some useful tips. However, if you ask my personal opinion, I will say try to buy the best value electric Guitar until you do not want to get involved in the guitar business. It is a much easier solution. In the market, you will get multiple options from where you will easily get one that will fulfill your needs in your budget. So, what is the point being taking that much effort?


Anyway, here are the positive sides in case you wish to make your own electric Guitar:

  • If you go to make your own Guitar, you can customize it in your way. You can specify each part from tuners to the tailpiece. What will you include, how will you included is up to you. You can pick the body shape, material, pickups, and whatnot according to your own choice. On the whole, you can customize the entire thing the way you like. You will never get this facility if you buy one.
  • Remember, there is no failure in the world. Whether you will win or you will experience. Therefore, if you try to build your Guitar, it will be a new experience. It will be your first step to learn something. You may fail in your first few attempts, but if you are stubborn enough, you can successfully build an excellent electric guitar someday — best of luck to you on your journey.
  • As I mentioned before, it can develop a new skill. It can be an excellent hobby for you as well. Every hobby is crucial. Are you wondering why? Because a hobby is something, give us pure pleasure. The first few days may be frustrating, but once you make the first Guitar, things will be more natural for you.

Guitar Kit or inexpensive guitar

Here are the negative sides:

  • There is no chance that you will build a masterpiece on your first attempt. You will make countless mistakes. Many subtle details while making a guitar are hard to realize without experience. Therefore, you can never create a perfect guitar. Your errors can make you depressed and frustrated.
  • You may think building your Guitar will save a lot of money. The reality, my dear, differs from our expectations. You have to purchase a lot of things, including wood, electronics, hardware, and so on. Sometimes the cost exceeds the price of an inexpensive but high-quality electric guitar. Buying one sometimes is less expensive, my friend.
  • Time is money someone said, well said. Indeed, time is money. You can earn money, but you cannot earn time, so invest your time wisely. Learning and building a guitar is a time-consuming project. You have to spend on the market finding the right parts, tools, materials. You have to spend time with your guru, and finally, you have to spend a lot of time making your Guitar. So, think before you start, whether you have that much time.

Remember, making the Guitar is not a simple project, but if you are determined, it is possible. However, before you start, my suggestion is to find an excellent guru (Luthier) and train under his supervision. Once you have mastered the skill, nobody will hinder your progress. Building and playing the Guitar you have made with your own hands can be the experience of heaven, go for it; however, before you do know everything properly.

In the following section, I will discuss why to buy an inexpensive guitar. Let’s get started.


Reason to Buy an Inexpensive Guitar:

What is the most common statement a newbie guitarist listens? “Don’t go for a cheap priced guitar; they can’t create quality music!” this is one of the world’s most contagious fallacy, or you can say myth. Whether a guitar is good or not, never depends on the price. It is possible to pick an excellent guitar, even under $300, if you know the right way. Here is why you should go for an inexpensive guitar rather than trying to build one:

  • You will get multiple options in the market to choose from
  • You can have the Guitar within no time
  • If you do not want to take any kind of trouble, you can even buy from the online market
  • You can purchase and start playing Guitar right away


Considering all these factors above, I would go for one of the best Inexpensive Electric Guitar instead of buying an electric guitar kit. I want to play the Guitar; nothing else matters to me. However, my opinion is my opinion. Your idea might differ from me, which is normal. We all are different, so as our view. If you want to make a guitar with your own hands, go on, best of luck to you. If you’re going to pick an inexpensive electric guitar , research properly. Not everything you see in the market is good.

It is my time to say goodbye. I hope to see you soon with lots of other tips, tricks, and product reviews related to the Guitar. Till then:

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