Fender Champion 20 Review

4.5 out of 5 stars


fender frontman 10g review

Sound:4.7 out of 5 stars
Loudness:4.5 out of 5 stars
Effects:4.4 out of 5 stars

A true definition of class is Fender. From 1950 to 2021, they are introducing their aesthetics through the inventions. Their first step of innovation was a guitar. Through time, they started to evolve and developed their ideas, skills by employing the best enthusiasts.

All of the music freaks later became the signature of Fenders sound by utilizing their expertise. Jimi Hendrix, to slash, most of the famous guitarists, had remarked this brand as the best. As a part of their legacy, I will definitely recommend Fender guitar, and the amp will be your best choice. So, I will say that, the demand for Fender amps is always high at every time. Even in the 2020 NAMM show, I have seen a group of wonderful amp collections. Wait! I am not going to write about the selections because it will take a whole article, which I will write later.

But for now, let me introduce with you the “Fender champion 20.” This guy is a true champion for the beginners. Why? That’s what I am going to write here.

Some Awesome Specifications:


So the first thing is its sound shape. I try to pass my composition session with this amp, at the earlier stage. The EQ (Bass + Treble) are fantastic. A guitarist can combine his/her desired sound with this EQ option.

Since I am writing about the EQ option, I want to dive deep. For example, the FX level and FX selection knobs offer a variety of presets for different genre guitar players. If BB King or Florida Georgia Line influences you, then don’t worry, you can configure your tone.

I am a Post-rock, garage rock enthusiast, and this amp worked fine for me. It does not mean I never tried pop-rock or heavy metal stuff with this amp. Of course, they sound balanced through Gain and Overdrive mood.


Besides the tremendous sound effects, I want to write about some shared facilities. This guitar amp supports 20-watt capacity, which means it is electric efficient. An efficient electric amp sounds better.

As I said, it sounds better for electric efficiency; I want to explain why? An electric guitar turns the electric wave into sound. So, in this case -if the amp wattage cannot balance with your electrical power, then you won’t be satisfied with your playing.

That is why Fender ensures a proper wattage in their amps. They also concentrated on some other UX. Based on my playing experience; this amp has one guitar input, one auxiliary cable input, and phone cable input.

Other facilities:

The aux and phone cable input offer you to jam with the backing tracks. During the time playing with backing tracks, I had to work hard to balance the sound. Because I aimed to test the FX, these Fx presets are a proper alternative to a pedal or processor.

Yes, that’s the truth you have read now. If you are a beginner guitar player, then this is the proper guitar amp you should invest in. The reason behind encouraging you to buy this amp is to understand- Why is ear training a crucial exercise for any guitarist?

I used to train up my students in this regard by starting with “understanding the tone of your amp” if you can understand the amp construction. Definitely, you will get a competitive advantage. Now I am moving to the pros and cons.


  • Built-in presets.
  • Extra space for cables.
  • Lightweight. 


  •       Perfect for the beginner, not for the pros. 


So, it has seen that, the features and the user experiences seem good for beginner level guitar players. I am referring you to buy this. Instead, it’s better to compare with my other product reviews. 

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