Fender Frontman 10g Review

4.5 out of 5 stars


fender frontman 10g review

Sound:4.6 out of 5 stars
Loudness:4.5 out of 5 stars
Effects:4.4 out of 5 stars

As I previously mentioned, Fender has been evolving from the day of its invention. To take the level of innovation into the next level, they invent the best music equipment for their users. Travel amps are one of their imaginations.

Musicians spend most of their working time in the studio or on tour. During the visit, they need a perfect practice amp, and Fender Frontman 10G could be the ideal one. I used this amp on many trips. It literally satisfied the need of a rock n roll enthusiast.

Why? Let me explain that through the review.

Some Awesome Specifications:


A perfect combo and solid-state amp for the traveler or small room owner. Yes, I am writing about the Fender Frontman 10 g. This amp has a small speaker with standard fender EQ. For example, the bass and treble option will help you to line the frequencies equally. 

Around midnight each day, I used to sit with my guitar. At that time, I don’t want to disturb my neighbors with my overdrive mood or heavy distortion. These EQ helps me to practice silently. To make my practice more convenient, I applied the headphone option. It sounds better. 

One thing I want to write about headphones, and that is, you have to have a convenient headphone. For me, I used a Boss Studio ear monitor. Maybe that is the reason for having each sound clear and smooth. 

Now you might have a question; will the headphone jack support all types of headphones? The answer is yes. This amp does not only offer a convenient headphone jack but also provides excellent auxiliary input for solo practice. 

This means, if you want to play with the backing drum, bass, or guitar track, you can play. In that regard, I want to share one of my backing track playing experiences. I am a big fan of Vinnie Moore, and that is why I tried the famous track “Morning star.”


Every note and riffs sound tremendous in this amp. So, I enjoyed this 10-watt amp through my entire midnight playing journey. Since I shared my playing experience with you, one important note I want to share with you regarding the Overdrive Distortion. 

The sound of Overdrive Distortion is thick. Apart from the total sound experience, there are a lot more things I noticed in this amp. What are those things? You can use this amp for bass, keyboard, or vocal purpose. 

Other facilities:

The sound of the keyboard did not seem satisfying for me, but the bass guitar sound was decent, not up to the mark. In a word, I will suggest this amp for traveling or for self-practice. So before making the final decision, it’s better to know about the speaker size. Cause the loudness depends on the scale.

And this Fender Frontman 10G offers six different sorts of speaker sizes for their user community. I think it would be great if you take a look at amazon. But before that check the pros and cons first.


  • Small size,
  • Clean sound.
  • Perfect EQ


  • If you want to use it for bass guitar, then think twice. 


To conclude, this 10G mini speaker is solely made for solo practice. I will recommend you to consider each of the features before buying once again after reading my review.

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