Fender Mustang I V2 Review

4.7 out of 5 stars


Fender Mustang I V2 review

Sound:4.8 out of 5 stars
Loudness:4.7 out of 5 stars
Effects:4.5 out of 5 stars

People are talking about this amp from the day it came into the market. They created tons of rumors about the product. As a guitarist, I was prone to check all the facts. The facts could not satisfy me at all.

Why? As long as you are not giving a better shot physically, there is no chance to understand the fact. That is why I went to my friend’s shop and gave a try to this amazing Mustang. Here I will explain my experiences with this mustang I v2 with a fine-tune opinion.

Some Awesome Specifications:


After plugging in my guitar, I first tried the EQ knobs. I turned every dial clockwise to check the loudness and depth of the sound. It was pretty good.  Like the EQ knobs, the input jack was flawless. My guitar did not face any hum or buzz sound. 

Like my guitar cable, phone and auxiliary cable worked fine in this amp. I played a Joe Satriani stuff in this amp without using my stompbox. Pretty good sound. The consistency of sweetness and smoothness was also right in my headphones.

Presets and effects:

To find the reason for winning, I experimented with each of the presets. They seemed to me as usual. Now, why are people bragging a lot about the presets?  Well, it’s for the “FUSE” software.

This software is magic. A guitarist can modify the presets, record the audio, and update the firmware -with this software.

Other facilities:

Fender provides its signature software with this amp for free. If you are a newbie in using DAW, then Fuse could be a bit tough guy for you. In that case, I recommend you to use Ableton Live. Mustang I V2 works great in Ableton live.

If the first feature touches you, then I want to introduce the second feature. And It is a footswitch option  Mustang I v2 offers the foot switching option to change the presets. This means you don’t need any pedals or processors. You can use the delay, reverb to spice up your playing without using the pedals. And these are the third features I am going to explain.

This Mustang I V2 offers three extra knobs on the right. The knobs will help a guitarist to utilize the reverb and delay. Trust me; these knobs sound better than my $30 delay and reverb pedals. In a nutshell, this amp is not only best for beginners but also for pros.

.Kurt Cobain, Norah Jones, Pj Harvey Matthew Healy, and a lot more celebrity musicians plus guitarists have taken this as their signature sound. If I give you a quick example of the fender sound, then it will be more comfortable.

Remember the song “smells like teen spirit?” Yes, I am writing about the legendary song of Nirvana. The intro guitar part of that song has a raw and crunchy sound. It gives an instant groove to any listener right? I found that exact music from this Mustang I V2. 

I just gave my opinion. Now it’s your time to take a quick tour in amazon before punching your card. Maybe ready pros and cons can help you.


  • It has enormous presets.
  • A perfect alternative to pedals.
  • Lightweight.


  • The Fuse software could be more user-friendly. 

User’s community has allowed this device not for its fancy outlook. Instead, they appreciate this amp for amazing sound effects and software. Very user friendly. In one word, your hard earned cash has paid off.

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