Fender Mustang LT-25 Review

4.5 out of 5 stars


fender mustang lt25 review

Sound:4.7 out of 5 stars
Loudness:4.5 out of 5 stars
Effects:4.4 out of 5 stars

Well, it’s time to switch back to a new amp. This amp is different from other amps, which I have discussed earlier. Now it’s natural to ask the question, “how is it different from other earlier amps?”

Well, the amp offers a variety of sounds. These sounds are the perfect alternative to pedals or stomp boxes. I am the guarantee of that feature. To prove that, I want to share my playing experience.

Some Awesome Specifications:

Presets and effects:

This Mustang LT-25 has 30 built-in presets. With these presets, I could play my post-rock backing track to a thrash metal solo project. Wait! That’s not the end; what I want to tell is its amazing software.

Other facilities:

The software works like a digital audio workstation. In that DAW, I could modify the presets. How did I edit it? First, I choose any of the presets then adjusted the EQ dials. When it’s all set, I press the save button. This means, my tone is ready to rock. 

Like Mr. Rick Hein said (the certified guitar amp tester by Fender) “this amp is so far a perfect alternative to Gt” Why? Fender created a poll to know the user experience. In that poll, guitarists wanted a handy and straightforward model amp. In their opinion, “we want something compact.”

And that is how the idea of LT-25 hit. I am not saying that GT could not fulfill their dream. Instead, the guitar player wanted a lightweight amp. So the manufacturer had taken the demand in their notebook.

For example, the USB interface allows a user to update the firmware. Fender provides the update based on consumer needs. This update brings a huge change. According to my experience, this 25-watt amp sounds better last month.

New updates:

Fenders’ recent updates have improved the tone quality and preset sound. For instance, the number two presets called “the silky solo” sound crunchier than before. My Les Paul seemed happy when I was playing the preset. 

I have probably talked a lot about the sound, right? Nothing to do, it’s my job to explain the benefits. As a part of my job, I want to write more about the physical part of this amp. Fender has used the Alder wood in this amp. This is the reason behind a super smooth sound.

If you want to check the facts, then take a look at LEO Fender’s biography.  He was a fan of Alder wood. During his guitar-playing career, he spent a lot of time behind improving the sound quality. And now you see the result.

So, I will not recommend this amp until you check the amazon detail. But before that, check the pros and cons first.


  • Amazing sound.
  • Presets are compact.
  • Dedicated knobs.


  • It is not better if you have a budget for Mustang GT


No comment. Why? From pro to beginner everyone praised the effects and sound quality. I used it as an alternative to the processor. So, the decision is yours.

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