What are the first steps of learning how to play the electric guitar?

If you have a sincere passion for rocking the world with the magical waves of your guitar strings, then you are in the right place! Here we have the perfect guidelines for you to choose the perfect guitar and learn the magic of it! Step by Step, we will help you pursue your dream!

Nervous on your first run?

Don’t worry! The guitar is something you can play without any textbook learning at all. All you need is a good guitar and the heart to learn to play.

Choose the perfect guitar:

How to know which guitar is perfect for you:

Electric guitars are varied according to their solidity. While the guitars are made of wood, they are of three different types:

  1. Solid wooden guitars: These guitars are little heavy to carry and are of numerous different types:
    1. Stratocaster: The most wildly popular type of guitar. Found in 1954. This guitar is special for its acceptance to all the genre (country, folk, rock, pop, R&B, blues, soul, etc.). It is best suited to play the Blues.
    2. Superstrat: This a modified version of the Stratocaster. These guitars are best suitable for playing Heavy Metal music.
    3. Telecaster: These guitars have been found in the 1980s, and they are good for playing Country music.
    4. Offset: These guitars are a mixture of the Jaguar, the Mustang, and the Handmaster.
    5. Les Paul: These are good for playing any genre except for Country music.


  1. Semi-Hollow Guitars: These are guitars with exposed openings. Metals and Rocks are very good for these guitars.
  2. Hollow guitars: These are lighter in weight and are good for playing Jazz.

So to discover your perfect guitar, you must first choose the genre you want to play in.


Choose what method you’d like to follow:

Guitars, like any other instrument, need practice and motivation to learn. To learn guitar, you must first choose a learning method and stick to it. There are dozens of methods that you can follow online via video lessons. A few preferred methods are:


  • Guitar method of Dadi: Marshal Dadi, born in 1974, created a fun way of learning guitar, and the fans of the game style called “Pickling” progress quickly in this method.
  • Mel Bays Modern Guitar Method: Series of exercises, duets, chords, and solos are implemented in this method to have easy learning of guitar!
  • Hal Leonard Guitar Method: This method is designed for learning acoustics or electric guitars specifically and has been taught to students for years!

Courses to learn good guitar lessons:

There are many courses on the internet to join if you want to learn proper guitar. You can sign up and start practicing. Start by downloading good lesson videos and following them at home. But the key is perseverance. If you give up or don’t follow your courses, you will never pursue your dream.

  • Guitar Practice Techniques:

A few techniques go a long way if you want efficient learning. Preferred few are:

  1. Let your ear do the work: Listen well to chords and rhythms that will help you to remember the chords.
  2. Professional consultancy: If you want to take your learning to the next level, join a few guitar lessons for casual practice.
  3. Friendly fiesta: Play guitar with other guitarist friends and learn your flows and gifts.
  4. Computer Lessons: There are thousands of guitar practicing videos to help you enhance your skills.
  5. CDs and Audio aids: CDs and audio play of guitars also help you practice more.


  • Guitar Basics:

Your guitar skills will be much better if you know the fundamentals of a guitar. Your grip in the instrument to the waves of your sound, everything leads to a good skill of a guitarist.

  1. Anatomy of guitar: Basic anatomy of guitars are: head, Fretboard, and body. The head controls the frequency of sound waves by controlling the tuning pegs; the body has tremolo and tone controls for playing different tunes.
  2. Guitar Chords: The chords are the jolly rhythm that makes your ear love the music of a guitar. Different chords play in different tones to create music. The Major chord is “C,” and “E” is a minor chord. So, to learn even basic music, you need to learn your chords.
  3. Arpeggios: Arpeggio is a scale for diversifying the way of learning your chords. This will give you an interesting insight into learning.


  • Theoretical approaches:

Although practicing will give a satisfactory outcome in skill, but the theories are the tools that will give you a taste of expertise. Theories will help you master up in these lessons. A theory is nothing but oversight of how your lessons should go ideally.

  1. Music Theory: Music theories are nothing but the theoretical approach to learning. So, if you follow them accordingly, you will understand what you are playing and if you are playing it right or not. You can join a course online to learn music theory.
  2. Understanding scale: Any guitar lesson is followed by a scale that represents all the twelve different major and minor notes chronologically. If you learn your scale, you learn the keys to make good music.


  • Easy tips for holding onto your journey:

Inspirations are the keys to stick to your ambition. There are a few tips to make you more focused on your task.

  1. Practice at least 30-45 minutes every day.
  2. Never skip a day of practicing.
  3. Watch basic video tutorials and audio music and lessons. These will help you keep you on the right track.
  4. Be patient, and keep on motivating yourself to keep on practicing.


  • Rhythmic Techniques:

Rhythm is what differentiates a man from being a good guitarist to bad. There are a few easy ways of learning to achieve a good rhythm:

  1. Play your guitar with bare fingers. The Nylon strings will make your rhythm sound soothing.
  2. In the case of electric guitar, it is best to use a pick for playing high tones.

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