Honest Review of Yamaha MX88

The harmonious bliss that comes with hearing a good piano play is comparable to nothing. Since the traditional piano is often too grand, heavy and less movable, it is then ideal to have a synthesizer that can do exactly the job without any difference.

We are certain that most synthesizers lovers are waiting for the Yamaha MX88 review and we are on the mission of rolling it out. Not many synthesizers can do what Yamaha MX88 can do and that is why we were happy when we got to experience the new Yamaha MX88 and all that it is capable of doing. Yamaha as a brand has been adequately furnishing us with topnotch instruments especially Piano synthesizer but the MX88 is quite a class of its own. This is all thanks to the brand’s experience that is ranging over a hundred years.

The Yamaha MX88 synthesizer is offering a complete solution that will definitely be well favored by music producers, live performers and every other person that appreciates the genuine and amazingly blissful sound of a traditional piano. The wonderful synthesizer features over eighty note weighted keyboard. With all of these features, most of which we would dig into soon, we felt inclined to write a very honest Yamaha MX88 review.

Let’s Talk About Features

Sound: The fact that the Yamaha MX88 has embraced the latest synthesizer technology went a long way in improving its functionality. The Yamaha MX88 specs are unique and very functional. Its Motif sound engine offers the MX88 very unique blend of sounds. From the classic piano sound, modern mix, authentic instrumentals to it amazing cutting-edge synths. You just cannot help but like it.

Recording: That’s not all. For music producers, you will find the recording and producing a wide range of tune very easy with the Cubase AI feature. Also, the IOS and computer connectivity are very smooth in operation as it comes with integrated class-compliant USB audio/MIDI interface.

Weight: When looking at the product, you would expect that it would be heavy and you would need help carrying or mounting it up on a stand. However, this product is very lightweight. This is one of the most amazing features we personally find very impressive. With a general weight of 30.8 pounds, you will definitely know it is very much lightweight. Most of the other piano synthesizers out with lesser functionality and features weigh up to five times what the MX88 currently weighs.

Number of Keys: It has eighty-eight keys all embedded on a fifty-two inches long keyboard. What this translates into is that you might have to create sufficient space for it in your room as it isn’t all that compact in size. With the graded hammer standard technology, these eighty-eight keys enable the Yamaha MX88 to render heavy response while striking the low keys and a light harmonious response when dealing with the high key. This equally means that the synthesizers would sound less artificial or electronic but more acoustic in touch and response just like a real piano.

Review of Yamaha MX88

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Highly Tech Inclined

Although the Yamaha MX88 release date is in 2012, there is no doubt that some of its features are still unbeatable by certain keyboard brands to date. When you go through the Yamaha MX88 manual, you will get a detailed glimpse of some of the tech features we are about to unravel. With the unique VCM FX engine, not only will you be able to deliver excellent modeled effect on the music you produce, the IOS compatibility feature allows for you to connect directly to your phone using the IOS FM Synth app where you can directly make recordings using your mobile recorder. This same functionality also allows you to adjust your recordings and add suitable effects.

The MIDI class-compliant and the USB features allow you to connect with your stereos as well as computers. You can exchange files and make the necessary adjustment using these features directly from your computer and that is why the YAMAHA MX88 is of premium importance to music producers.

There is also a DAW feature with remote control functionalities that allows you unrestricted access to the sixteen channels of the Yamaha MX88 MIDI interface where you can utilize the keyboard as a tine generator or as a keyboard controller. This features also allows you to control the plugin parameters using the attached knobs of the keyboard when you are listening to your notes through the Yamaha MX88 speakers or your headphone.

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You wouldn’t have to break the bank

Since it is almost like the Yamaha MX88 can do everything a traditional piano can do and even more, we were expecting it to sell as several thousands of dollars. Aside from its first pro which is the fact that it is very light in weight, the second pro would be that it is very affordable. You definitely will get it on Amazon as well as other big brands for less than $1000.

The Yamaha MX88 Sound

The Yamaha MX88 sounds exceed over a thousand motif sounds as mentioned earlier. What this translates too is clarity of sound and quality performance delivery. The Yamaha MX88 also comes with a hundred and twenty-eight voice polyphony that comes highly natural.

The Yamaha MX88 sounds include comps, leads, and pads. Rarely will you find any other keyboard synthesizer, within the price range which the Yamaha MX88 is selling for, with the level of quality in electric, acoustic and bass guitar sound which Yamaha MX88 delivers?

The drum sounds are wonderful and they come with amazing percussion options which makes production very fun and entertaining. You will also find two hundred and eight rhythm arrangements on the Yamaha MX88 sound list that you can choose from. all of these excellent sound features can work in the live arrangement and MIDI score mockups.


The Yamaha MX88 Arpeggiator and Performance

The Yamaha MX88 splits, voices and layers are built ready for different types of situation ranging from live performance to engaging the sixteen-part playback from your DAW. When you are trying to work out some rough music samples be rest assured that the two Yamaha Mx88 arpeggiators will cater adequately for you as they are tailored to suit each distinct sounds. The arpeggiators can take care of your backing with bass or drum patterns while you perfect your arrangement. The present features can help you to samples the variety of sound ideas that you can explore.


How Perfect is Yamaha MX88?

It is almost that we have been praising the amazing features of the MX88 and we are quite silent on its shortcomings.  In all sincerity, there is hardly any noticeable shortcoming for this particular product. When you scroll through the reviews of this product of Amazon, you will realize that the product stands as a totally positive review of 4.6 out of five. This is a testament of how satisfying all the features of Yamaha MX88 actually are.

Some of the notable shortcomings if we are to consider them as such include the fact that the keys of the Yamaha MX88 are typically synth action rather than being weighted keys which we expected it to be. This wouldn’t be a problem unless you are part of those who prefer a fully and typically weighted keys.

Also, the Yamaha MX88 comes a solid looking appearance and one would have thought that the LCD display features would also come a bit wider. Users have shown great disappointment at this as the LCD is quite small and less functional than expected. Also, the Yamaha MX88 package doesn’t come with an integrated music stand. However, an objective look at the pricing of the product would reveal how fair the product is priced which we think is a perfect excuse for not including an integrated music stand.


  • Very classy aesthetic design
  • Lightweight and perfectly tech inclined
  • Affordable and very easy to use
  • Superb sound production with USB Audio and MIDI features


  • Not so portable
  • Small LCD
  • No integrated Music Stand
  • Keys are not entirely weighted keys


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The Yamaha brand has relentlessly brought us quality years for more than a century and Yamaha MX88 is another masterpiece which we are lucky to have. At present, there is no keyboard synthesizer that can give all the MX88 currently is featured to give at the price for which it is being sold.

Buying the Yamaha MX88 will be an investment and a wise choice as you are set to enjoy topnotch sound delivery and many side features that would make the product suitable for all your purposes.

The keyboard’s optimal use is when all its features have been well explored and although the keyboard is very easy to use, do not hesitate to refer to any of the many Yamaha MX88 tutorials online should you run into any difficulty while trying to operate it. my final verdict without any form of prejudice will be that the Yamaha MX88 is one of the best basic keyboard synthesizers that are currently in today’s market and we are happy to share its features in details with you.



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