How to learn Piano

Learning piano is a dream for many of us. We feel both relaxed and melancholic at the same time with the beautiful tune of a piano. The music of piano makes us nostalgic. Nonetheless, a large number of learners leave the idea of learning piano because it seems time-consuming and tough for them.  However, if you leave the taste of hard work apart, you can enjoy the learning process more. Here I have come up with some steps. If you follow them carefully you don’t need those more and more years to learn piano, rather very soon you can accomplish your first song via piano.

Know the Piano:

Before playing the piano, you have to know what a piano is and how it works. There is a difference in keyboard and piano. However, if your budget is not friendly enough & you are a beginner, then you can opt for a keyboard instead. There are 88 keys in a piano. You have to tune it before you play the piano.  You have to put all the notes correctly.  An old piano is not a good choice, try to switch to a new piano because you can tune it the way you want.

Understand the Keys:

You cannot be a proof piano overnight. So before you become one, be a baby and play with it. You will get to know about middle tone, flat tones, sharp and bass & high tones. The flat tones work with left black keys, sharp tones with right black keys. If you play more and more, you will be able to differentiate them easily. There are some major and minor chords. You will also know about the chords and how it works gradually.

Collect a Guide Book:

You will get loads of books in the musical stores. You can buy books containing pictures, probably that will ease your learning experience. You can also purchase books to study the notes of your piano. You can grab some DVDs if you want to learn by watching. Youtube is a great option, and there are thousands of videos for you.

Piano Learning Guideline

Hire an Instructor:

If you think playing the piano is very tough by yourself and you are not getting enough lesson, then an instructor is what you need. Set a reasonable schedule with him/her.  You can tell him/her to teach you about tempos, tunes, do-re-mi sounds, bits, and notes.  You will also be able to learn to connect the notes from him/her.  Take some homework and assessment so that you can see how you are progressing.

Memorize Songs:

When you finish understanding the tunes and tempos, go for a simple song. Memorize it so that you can catch the sounds and scales. You can play it well if you have a better understanding of any song.

Do Some Real Practice:

Only practice can make you a pro in this sector. The more you practice, the more you will be able to decode the mystery of this beautiful instrument. Practice minimum 30/45 minutes a day, judge yourself.  Try to understand where you were before and what progress you made in the present day.

So what are you waiting for? Apply these steps in your lesson and start playing the beautiful tunes of a piano. Along with learn a piano you should know how to clean it properly. Read this fabulous article about cleaning of a piano.


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