How to Learn Ukulele

If you are a music lover, you might have heard the name of Ukulele. Ukulele is a musical instrument which looks like a guitar. Well, you might consider it as a long-lost brother of the guitar. Ukulele is an innovative music instrument which is famous for its weird name and tuning style. Ukulele is a Hawaiian musical instrument. If you have a passion for music and you are in your early teen-ages, then you may find your fascination for playing Ukulele. This is mostly seen in the movies, heroes playing Ukulele is an attraction for many girls. Ukuleles produce a kind of raw music which is loved by all ages of people.

If you are planning to learn to play Ukulele, here are some steps for you.

You Need a Ukulele Right? :

Before playing  Ukulele, you must have a Ukulele first. When you are planning to buy a Ukulele, you must know that Ukuleles come in different shapes and sizes. There are so many sizes available in your nearby stores. But if you are a beginner, my suggestion for you is to buy a Soprano Ukulele. It is 21” long. It is the most common kind you will get in stores. It has geared tuning peg. This is good for keeping strings in tune.

If you are planning to play Ukulele in concerts, go for an Alto Ukulele. It is 23” long, and it has stronger sound than Sopranos.

For a rich sound, you can choose a 26” long Tenor Ukulele.

The largest Ukulele is the Baritone Ukulele. It is 30” long and has the most vibrant sound of all the Ukuleles. But it might not give you that classical feeling.

Ukuleles come in different shapes like triangle, pine-apple or flat bottoms.

How to learn Ukulele

Tune Your Ukulele:

Every music lover knows the importance of tuning their instruments. If you want to avoid the horrific and irritating sound, tune your Ukulele as early as possible. If you’re going to tune it correctly, you have to twist the tuning peg which is attached to the string. Loosen the strings if you want to make the notes low, to make the notes higher, you will have to tighten the strings.

You can also use an electric tuner. That would be quite easy. There are also online tuners. You can also take help from the tunes of keyboards & pianos.


An Important Aspect of Playing Ukulele

If you are not comfortable while holding your Ukulele, you might end up hurting your wrist. In this case, Ukulele might become your nightmare. You have to be in a good posture when you play your instrument. A good posture is essential to play good music through Ukulele.

If you want to play Ukulele while sitting, you have to keep it on your lap. Keep the neck of Ukulele floating on air. If you are left-handed, you should hold the neck with your right hand, stick the neck with your left side, if you are right-handed.

This is a tough job for the beginners I know, but if you try sitting and standing with your instrument, you will gradually find your expected posture.

Understand Chord & Strumming:

If you know to play guitar/keyboard/piano, this is quite friendly to you. But if you are still in your beginner level, you have to give some extra effort in it.

Move all your fingers, over all the strings. Congratulations! You have learned to play ‘A Minor 7th Chord’.

Move your fingers across all the strings more & more. You will learn to understand it better. Hear songs attentively, follow the rhythm and turn on the music in your Ukulele. If you are still a beginner, those strumming patterns are not for you.

Get an Instructor:

You should hire an instructor if you want to learn those ‘C & F’ patterns of your instrument. You can also buy DVDs and learn from You-tube too.  You can also purchase books from musical stores.


The best Ukuleles will cost you $100. You can also get them within $50-$75. If your budget is low, you can go for a 2nd hand Ukulele.

To sum up, this is a fun instrument. Always try to have fun with your Ukulele, when you will find happiness in your music, you will become a proof it.

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