How to Strengthen Your Hands for Guitar

As a guitarist, you always need to ensure that both your hands are active and energetic while playing the guitar as well as before that. When your hands are busy, then your music will be fluent. You will often realize that when your side is fatigued, you don’t play as good as you usually do. We know that at times playing the guitar can be both painful and exhausting for your hands, so today we are going to give you some tips to help you strengthen your hands.


Strengthen Your Hands for Guitar


1. Always stretch your fingers

You need to get the blood moving in your fingers before you start playing the guitar. To do this, you first need to relax your finger muscles then stretch them backward and outwards for about 10 to 15 seconds. Ensure that you do this exercise every day before you start playing. It is a perfect exercise for your fretting hand and with time you will notice some improvements in your guitar playing.

It is important to note that those playing acoustic and electric guitars with steel strings need this exercise more. This is because your fingers will need to be stronger to play the heavier guitar strings.


2. Strengthen your hand muscles

You can do this by opening and closing your hands. As simple as it may sound, this is a great exercise to do before playing the guitar as it helps build your hand muscles. Try extending your hand and then closing it as many times as you can. After some time, you will feel your forearm burn a bit, and that’s when you know it’s actually working. Make this a regular exercise and try picking up the pace every time.


3. Work on placement

If you keep playing the comfortable gauge strings, then your hands won’t be as strong as someone who challenges himself and plays even the difficult ones. Stress your hand muscles by trying them out, and with time they will be able to play all the gauge strings with ease. Try increasing your gauge strings by a step after a month or two. Keep doing this every time until you are able to play all the gauge strings, both the simple and heavy ones alike.

4. Develop some warm-up techniques

Doing some warm-up exercises is very important before you start playing the actual music. It helps strengthen your fretting fingers. A common one among many guitarists is selecting the first note and then playing two or more of the other notes through a series of finger hammering and pulling off. Do this slowly and ensure that the notes come out as clear as possible.


5. Exercise your wrist

While playing the guitar, your wrists need to be strong and especially the fretting hand’s wrist. This is because you will need to bend the wrist while playing the guitar. You can strengthen your wrist by rolling them clockwise and anticlockwise. This will help loosen up your wrist before playing. You should continue doing this until you feel them becoming more flexible and easy to bend. A quick tip for all the guitarists is avoid playing the guitar too low on your body, this technique causes fatigue to your fingers, wrist and other hand muscles.



Playing the guitar is painful for most people mainly because they do not do hand exercises. If your hand is tired, then that will show in your music. Always do these exercises to ensure they are strengthened and ready to play the actual music. One thing to remember is that your technique could be the reason why your hands feel tired. If you continuously feel pain on your hands and fingers when playing the guitar, then try changing your technique and then do the above exercises.

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