Orange Crush 12 Electric Guitar Amp Review

4.6 out of 5 stars


Orange crush 12 electric guitar amp review

Sound:4.7 out of 5 stars
Loudness:4.6 out of 5 stars
Effects:4.5 out of 5 stars

Orange has a glorious fifty years of journey. In that historical journey, they got a ton of legendary guitarists in their advisory panel. The panel aims to create a better sound for its users.

Now, who are those panel advisors? Steve Harris from Iron Maiden, Brian from Korn, Billy Gibbons from ZZ top, Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin’s, Jim root from Slipknots, and a lot more musicians.

After reading all the earlier information, you may ask, why are you putting this stuff into this review? Well, when I will write about the amp feature, you will understand “how the panel advisor worked?’

Some Awesome Specifications:


So the first thing about crush 12 is -it’s sound. I experienced multiple genres in this amp. Before explaining my experiences, let me give you a quick idea regarding the amp.

This 25-watt amp has a dual gain controller. Dual gain controlling option will help you to use the clean and drive channel equally. For your convenience, let me give you a quick example. 

“Stairway to Heaven” is a legendary song for its amazing lyrics, guitar intro, and solo. I tried the guitar solo by using this amp -with my Floyd rose. Trust me, my ear met the “Jimmy Page” sound.

Another example I want to place is – Billy gibbon’s signature guitar sound. That crunchy and balanced overdrive sound took me to the 80s vibe. Each riff from A major to D dominant reminds me of the “call of youth.”


Definitely this feeling deserves a hat off. I want to dedicate it to the “orange advisory panel.” They suggested “how the EQ should be” An amp can be better without some fancy presets, and orange crush 12 is the real example of that.

So, I hope you got the answer to my thesis statement -that I mentioned at the beginning. My aim in this orange review is to give a thorough detail -about the sound.

The reason behind focusing on the sound is; people want to know about “how it sounds? ” They know that physical material will be better from a branded manufacturer.

Thus, my suggestion is; please read out the Amazon detail. I just put my own opinion here. Maybe you will find more information from Amazon. Before clicking on the Amazon link, check the pros and cons first.


  • 6-inch speaker
  • Basketweave finish.
  • Loud sound.


  • I found a slight distortion in the clean sound. 


A decent solution for a crunchy guitar sound. Maybe the guitarist feels a bit odd in a clean mood. I don’t think it will hamper your practice. Still you have choice.  

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