Musical Instru Scholarship Program

We are a group of music experts and enthusiasts. Our group includes -session players, sound engineers, music instructors, music producers and professors. Music is our bread and butter; we live, dream and breathe through music.

The aim of our group is twofold. One is to live through innovation. Another is to develop and encourage this music industry to grow gradually. As a part of our second aim, we run a website named Musical Instru.

Our experts contribute here regularly. They share their experience, research results and updated musical information.

How does our information create value? 

Let us give an example. This will provide a detailed overview. For instance, Slouch Rock, Dark Bass, Electronic Stoner Rock and Dubstazz are the ruling musical genre right now. Aspiring musicians invented these genres.

Before inventing a musical genre, an inventor needs massive information about the audience. We do the audience research and provide handy solutions through information. 

It can start from easy mixing techniques to advanced mastering techniques; or providing research on staff notations and musical grammar knowledge. This is how we create value.

To enhance our contribution to creating value, we decided to start a scholarship program.

What is the aim of our scholarship program? 

We aim to encourage young aspiring musicians. We want to share their knowledge and talents to initiate innovations. Once a year, we run this scholarship program for college and university students. The students will get a handsome reward for sharing their knowledge and talents. 

Name of our Scholarship program: “Breaking the Grammar Rules is the biggest Grammar to dominate the mood.” with $1000 scholarship money.

Who is applicable for the program? 

To apply for our program, candidates must have the following criteria.

  • Must be an US citizen
  • Must be enrolled in college or university.
  • Three years above electric guitar playing experience.
  • Music composition skills.
  • Deep knowledge of musical genres.
  • Must be able to write on our selected topic

How to apply for our program?

Eligible applicants should write a 1000 words essay on our selected topic regarding electric guitar. The essay should cover the following area:

  • Relevant to authentic information.
  • Fresh and unique content.
  • Grammar error-free.
  • Readability must be 5 to 6 grade.
  • Divided into subheadings.
  • Must have the reflection of experience, knowledge and rational description.
  • Never published before any platform.

Instruction for the Submission procedures:

It is requested to follow the essay submission procedure:

  • Write our scholarship name as the mail subject.
  • Mention your electric guitar playing skill.
  • Contact details: email, phone number, and social media links.
  • Institution name.
  • Current student ID with a valid photo (both side).

Note: Applicant’s content will be published with credit by following territorial copyright law. They may use the content in future as their portfolio, or for reference. Our team will help them. 

Deadline: The essay must be submitted before 31st December 2020.

Selection process:

Our scholarship board will scrutinize each essay. They will decide based on the requirements. And all rights are reserved to our scholarship board in selecting candidates.

Prize money:

Winner will get $1000 payments for one year. This payment will be paid in two instalments. The prize winner will get $500 twice in a year. 


  • The applicant will be responsible for violating any Intellectual property right
  • An applicant can apply for one time.