Why are some People Adamant that You Learn to Play Guitar on an acoustic versus an Electric?

Do you know what the biggest myths around Guitar are? It is interesting, have a look:

  • Cheap Guitar means bad Guitar
  • Electric guitars are luxury
  • Guitar playing requires strength
  • An Acoustic guitar should be your first Guitar as they are hard to play and will develop the strength of your hands and fingers
  • You should start playing with an electric guitar as they are easier

Yeah, those are the top myths floating around guitars and guitarists. In my journey, I have heard those a thousand times or more. In reality, they are all fabricated statements. It is because of the third myth, many people still believe, and they are adamant that you cannot start your guitar career with an electric guitar.

The truth is…

It does not really matter! You can start with any of the types depending on your pocket and situation.

However, you need to know that,

When we start playing Guitar, the first few months of learning chords, fingering techniques, tuning, and so on, make our finger sore. This is a painful time but inescapable if you want to become a pro.

The skin on our fingertips is sensitive and has lots of nerve ending. We have to use our fingertips and put immense pressure on the strings of the Guitar to create clean sound. This is the reason our fingertips get sore. 

This is where people give up and sell their Guitar. An acoustic guitar gives more hardship compared to an electric guitar. If you start your journey with an acoustic model, you have to be ready for that hardship, no escape. Once you have completed your learning for six months, you will see playing any other guitars will be a piece of cake for you.


An acoustic guitar is not a default choice for learning. If you can afford an electric guitar with an amp, why taking the pain? You can definitely start with an electric guitar; there is no shame on that! If an electric guitar motivates you to practice and play, what is the problem? Besides, not all electric guitars are expensive and not all cheap electric guitars are bad. There are multiple best inexpensive electric guitars available in the market that is just perfect to start your journey.

Both electric and acoustic guitars can be a great starter. Therefore, I will discuss the positive and negative sides of each type so that you can decide which one is your piece of cake. Let’s get started.

Acoustic or Electric guitar

Acoustic Guitar: Why & Why Not

People often consider acoustic guitars as the default starter, but they are not. They also think if you cannot master an acoustic guitar, you cannot switch to an electric one. However, those are myths. Still, you will get several benefits from acoustic guitars if you are a beginner.

Here are the benefits:

They are inexpensive compared to electric Guitar. Besides, an acoustic guitar does not require an amp like an electronic model. You need a guitar and a pick, that is all for you to start your tour.

There are not many options to handle. You do not have to adjust the distortion or volume knob. That means acoustic guitars are straightforward and hassle-free. 

They are portable and easy to transport from one place to another. So, you can carry it on practices session easily.

However, the problem is:

They are hard compared to an electric guitar. An acoustic guitar will give your fingers a nightmare for the first few weeks or months. 

Electric Guitar: Why & Why Not

If you are serious about guitar and become a rock star is your dream; you have to grab an electric guitar today or tomorrow. If tomorrow, why not today? Besides, choosing an electric guitar as a starter offers multiple benefits. Let me elucidate:

Here are the benefits:

Electric guitars are easy to play compared to an acoustic guitar. They provide less stress on the fingertips. Often we see a huge gap between the fretboard and strings on an acoustic guitar. That means guitarists need to put more pressure to play a clear note. This is the most painful experience a newbie can get, trust me, I have been through this one. However, with an electric guitar, you will not get immense pain at your fingertips.

Another misconception around electric Guitar is that they are excessively loud. If you practice on your home, your neighbors might complain. So, electric guitars are your way to jail, right? Wrong! Buddy, the amp has a volume know that goes other way too. You can control the noise and practice on low-volume. You cannot turn down the volume of your acoustic Guitar; there is no way for that. Nevertheless, an electric guitar can be played using a headphone or even unplugged too.

Also, you will get multiple sound effects on an electric guitar, which is not available on an acoustic model.

However, the problem is:

They are costly compared to acoustic guitars. With electric guitar, you have to pick the amp too. Therefore, the cost is higher. Nevertheless, there are multiple quality amps and electric Guitar available in the market whose price is not prohibitive.

Another thing is the portability. They are portable but not as much as an acoustic guitar. You have to carry the amp all the time, be aware of that.


After all this discussion, what have you decided? Tell us in the comment section. To learn the basics, it’s whether it is acoustic or electric, does not really matter.

 Do you know what matters the most?

Your dedication and determination!

You cannot play the solo of the summer of 69 right away. You have to practice a lot. If you keep regularly practicing for six months, you will be a decent guitar player. Remember, learning Guitar is hard, not impossible. All the greatest guitarists were once learners. If they can, you can too. Do not lose hope. 

It is my time to say goodbye. I hope you have enjoyed today’s discussion. Mention what was your first Guitar in the comment section. I am waiting to hear from you.

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