Squier by Fender Affinity Stratocaster Surf Green Review

4.6 out of 5 stars

squier by fender affinity stratocaster surf green review

Body and Neck:4.7 out of 5 stars
Fretboard:4.4 out of 5 stars
Pickups:4.5 out of 5 stars
Controls:4.6 out of 5 stars
Value:4.6 out of 5 stars


When in search of a Stratocaster set, it’s an ideal choice to get yourself what you’ll be satisfied with for a long time. In stores today, there’s so much to pick from; you could get confused about what you really need. 

This squier by fender affinity stratocaster surf green review should help you make an excellent choice. 

You must get the right guitar set, but how do you get what you need?

What to Expect

In many product reviews, potential buyers don’t actually know what they’ll get in the end. With so many haphazard, skinny, and misleading reviews, it’s challenging for buyers to make a satisfying choice. In this review, the common trend is turned on its head.

Every aspect of the Stratocaster comes described in segments. The neck design, body, bridge, coil, and so much more are spelled out. 

Having a balanced knowledge of these features shows you all you need from a Stratocaster. And with the right info, it’s highly unlikely that you’d make a wrong choice.


  • Top-load Bridge
  • 2 X Single-coil Telecaster
  • C-neck design for better handling


  • Easy to handle neck and headstock design
  • Distinct sound from the Telecaster bridge
  • Balanced tone throughout the string set


  • Strings may lose tension over time

Neck design

When you need to exercise total control over your Stratocaster, the neck design plays an integral role. With your Stratocaster’s neck having a comfy design, it gets less stressful to string together some awesome tunes.

This Stratocaster comes with a neck design that follows a C-shape. This shape allows you to hold the guitar in the best possible way, and that’s not all the neck provides. Maplewood is the choice material for making the neck of this guitar.

With such a sturdy design, it becomes less-hassling to use your guitar, and you have better control over the tone and stringing of your instrument.


The body of the guitar comes made in a solid material that adds beauty and support to the guitar. The headstock of the guitar provides support for the fingerboard, bridge, and neck fittings of the Stratocaster. 

Apart from being a useful support feature for your guitar, the guitar comes in a smooth polish that’ll keep it attractive even after you’ve used it for a long time. 


The bridge of this guitar set comes designed in a top-load format. When you make use of this Stratocaster, it becomes effortless to re-string your instrument and balance your tone. With such a feature, there’s no moment where you can’t get your desired sounds put together. 

Sizes, Styles, and Colors

This Stratocaster comes in a guitar style, making it easier for anyone with prior experience to string up some good sounds. 

If you believe orientation is going to be a challenge, don’t be worried! This guitar set comes in both right and left-handed orientation, so you have a choice no matter your favored string hand.

If you want to be spoiled for choice when looking for a guitar, then you’ve just found the right Stratocaster for you. You can actually make a choice from eight colors, so ensure you get the color just right for you.

Other Features

This guitar set comes with a 2-piece single-coil Telecaster pick-up. This feature adds to the ease of switching tones for better variety from your Stratocaster.

Final Word

Getting complete knowledge of the features of a product will give you a rounded idea of what you’re intent on buying.

Also, linking the features and benefits will help you get more of the product in the long run. That’s why you’ve done yourself a whole world of good by reading through this review to the end.

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