Uke Like The Pros vs. Rocket Ukulele

If you’re facing the dilemma of which online ukulele lessons to choose from the diverse range of offerings in today’s market, it can be very tough to make a decision on your own. That’s especially so when the market leaders aren’t one or two, but more than a handful of platforms.

Among the very highly rated platforms are Uke Like The Pros and Rocket Ukulele – you’ve probably seen them on every list reviewing the “best online ukulele lessons,” and it’s no exaggeration; they really deserve their spots.

But, for you, Uke Like The Pros vs. Rocket Ukulele, which should you choose, or rather, how should you? In this article, we’ll review both platforms and compare them head to head in terms of the most prominent features, so stick around!

Uke Like The Pros vs. Rocket Ukulele – Feature for Feature Comparison

A comparison chart always comes in handy to put things into perspective. So, we’ve prepared a tailored one for the two platforms so that you have a general idea of the main differences between the two.

Feature Uke Like The Pros Rocket Ukulele
Ideal For Beginners-Advanced Beginners
Price/Month $19.95 $79.97 (lifetime access)
Free Trial Period Free Ukulele Fundamentals course No
Money-back Guarantee Anytime 60-days

Uke Like The Pros vs. Rocket Ukulele – In-detail Comparison

With the fundamentals laid out, let’s go into the actual review and see how the platforms perform on the essentials in-depth. First, I always like to start by speaking about which platform is suitable for which skill set, since everyone probably knows their current uke playing level.


When you’re at the beginner stage, you’re all hyped up and want to accelerate your uke learning journey as much as possible. You probably have pro uke players you look up to and want to strum like, and if you’re anything like I was, you probably don’t have the patience for trial and error.

From that, you could already guess that almost the entire website is targeting beginners, and not just any beginners – those on a tight budget (who isn’t?) With that in mind, the courses are very affordable; you pay $79.97 for lifetime access to tons of courses (and that number goes down a lot during sale time).

From that, you could already guess that almost the entire website is targeting beginners, and just any beginner’s ukulele course – those on a tight budget (who isn’t?) With that in mind, the courses are very affordable; you pay $79.97 for lifetime access to tons of courses (and that number goes down a lot during sale time).

You’ll also find lessons for different uke genres so you’ll be able to choose your path from day one. So, if you thought that one month is nowhere near sufficient to start playing the ukulele, Rocket Ukulele pledges to prove otherwise.

What about Uke Like The Pros? Uke Like The Pros also offers beginners courses, but the platform isn’t exclusively targeting uke players with a little background. The majority of the courses are for intermediate to advanced players, but there are pretty practical and insightful courses for beginners as well.

For instance, they offer a free Ukulele Fundamentals Course that puts you on the right track, acquainting you with the fundamentals of the ukulele; how to hold it, how to play it, chords, and more. If you like the course, you could take your learning to the next step by opting for the $16 Beginning Ukulele Bootcamp, encompassing 25 core videos to boost your learning.

Winner: Rocket Ukulele. From its affordability and lifetime access to its astonishing promise of empowering you to play the ukulele in 30 days, this is the perfect fit for beginners.

Intermediate & Advanced Players

Since each platform has its own strong suit, heightening intermediate and advanced players’ skills is what Uke Like The Pros excels at. Naturally, intermediate and advanced players can pinpoint exactly what they want out of courses, and Uke Like The Pros understands that, which is why you have the à la carte purchase option.

In other words, you have the freedom of only choosing a specific course or multiple ones to purchase instead of having to go for full membership. Because why would you go for a full one if you’re only looking to boost one certain skill?

Simultaneously, the platform also has the standard packages, like everyone else. Offering monthly and yearly memberships, you can choose to access the comprehensive library of courses catering to beginners all the way to advanced players and become part of the platform’s active community.

If you’re lost and don’t know where to start, which is also normal, the flagship courses have your back. Dubbed Master the Ukulele 1 and Master the Ukulele 2, these courses possess all the content and techniques you must be aware of as a ukulele player – it’s pervasive and eye-opening.

As for Rocket Ukulele, once you’re all set with the basics of playing the ukulele, you’ll find some courses geared towards intermediate and advanced players to take your playing further and focusing more on style and technique. They have a vast library of song tutorials that can help you become the artist you aspire to become.

Winner: Uke Like The Pros. With a well-rounded lessons’ library, flexible pricing options, and a full-fledged community of uke players to interact with, Uke Like The Pros has all it takes to transform you into your dream musician.

The Detailed Breakdown: What Are the Courses Like?

At this point, you’ve probably already made your decision. And that’s the point! I wanted the decision to come so naturally to you simply based on which skill level you’re at right now because that’s the most significant determinant of the right platform for you.

Now that we’ve got that covered, how about we go further to tell you about how your experience will be like with the courses? Let’s start!


Rocket Ukulele courses are offered by tons of ukulele instructors, which is actually great because not all of us prefer the same teaching styles. Not to mention, we don’t all click with the same instructors to begin with. So, instead of unifying one or two instructors across all courses, you get to choose from different ones with different backgrounds.

However, they do all have one thing in common, which is how effective they are. Not only are their teaching styles practical yet straightforward, but they also provide you with unlimited online support and training – they’re basically a click away. Could it be more convenient?

In contrast, Uke Like The Pros’ courses are all led by renowned musician Terry Carter from San Diego. To be honest, I wasn’t always a fan of having all courses led by the same person – just in case, you know, I don’t like him? But actually, Carter is one of the best you could ever learn from.

He boasts 25+ years of hands-on experience both in music teaching and on the ground, so you could imagine the amount of valuable information he brings to each lesson he delivers. And he’s such a passionate and dedicated instructor who’ll amplify your love for the ukulele to new levels.

Plus, he always holds giveaways, competitions, and other activities that truly make the lessons so fun to attend!

Content & Videos

As we’ve discussed, Uke Like The Pros is more expansive than Rocket Ukulele. While Uke Like The Pros has basically a lesson for everyone you could think of, Rocket Ukulele’s courses are, for the most part, just for beginners. Accordingly, if you want a learning path from beginner to advanced, you’ll find your needs on Uke Like The Pros.

That said, in terms of content for beginners, Rocket Ukulele certainly takes the cake. So, it ultimately boils down to what content you’re actually searching for since, as you see, each one of them specializes in a different area.

When it comes to the actual videos and the experience, Uke Like The Pros’ videos are shot in HD, adding to the whole entertaining experience that’s already incredibly delivered by Carter. Moreover, all the time, you’ll find that there are backing tracks, chord diagrams, downloadable music sheets, tabs, and more to support your learning.

Besides the quality, the video lessons always feature close-up shots so that you explicitly visualize the ukulele and the moves that Carter is taking, making it much easier for you to apply the learnings on your own with the support of pausing the videos when needed and such.

On the other hand, with Rocket Ukulele, that isn’t really the case. The videos aren’t horrible, but they’re not of the same quality as Uke Like The Pros. But to be honest, you can’t complain given the vast difference in price tags.

When I was a beginner, I didn’t really care about the videos being shot in HD, but I did care about being able to see my instructor and the moves he’s making, and that’s certainly doable with Rocket Ukulele’s videos.

As for the content itself, the instructors I’ve seen videos for were all super engaging and explaining the material in a very straightforward manner that’s easy to keep up with. The lessons were also available in three formats: audio files, transposed in tabs, and music sheets, which was pretty convenient!


We’ve already made it very clear that Rocket Ukulele only has a “one-size-fits-all” pricing model, where you just subscribe once for lifetime access at the cost of $79.97. While that’s already an excellent price, it’s worth mentioning that regular discounts are available on the package. For instance, at the time I’m writing this article, it’s at $27 – unbelievable!

With that membership, you access all the videos and become part of their online community. What’s more, you enjoy a 60-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

As for Uke Like The Pros, the structure is way different. There are three membership plans: Standard Monthly Membership ($13/month), Premium Membership Monthly ($19.95/month), and Premium Membership Yearly ($150.40/year), in addition to the à la carte option if you want single courses.

The Standard Monthly Membership includes a 7-day trial for the platform, and should you continue; you’re able to unlock the flagship courses we’ve mentioned along with downloadable sheets and backing tracks.

As for the Premium Membership Monthly, you immediately get access to 300+ video lessons along with another popular course (23 Ultimate Chord Progressions) in addition to the benefits of the Standard package. And let me not forget, you also get access to every single course that’ll be released in the future. Awesome, no?

Last but not least, the Premium Membership Yearly, which happens to be the most cost-efficient, gives you the benefits of both previous packages. You also get the added pluses of being able to participate in Uke Like The Pros’ Music Theory and Dominate Major Scales workshops and getting a 10% coupon on their store.

With all packages, you get a free Uke Like The Pros t-shirt, and you participate in weekly video calls with Carter (live!) and benefit from his ukulele giveaways. Plus, you become part of the engaging community form where you get to meet uke players from all over the world.

P.S.: You can request your money back anytime! Yes, you saw it right, anytime.

Final Verdict: Which Wins?

Now that we’ve reached the end of our comparison, you probably see why the answer is far from being straightforward regarding which platform takes the lead. Many factors come into play, the most crucial being where you are in your ukulele playing journey.

Both platforms are equally effective and will make a difference in your playing. However, if you’re a beginner, it makes sense to go for Rocket Ukulele for its ability to accelerate your skills in no time.

On the other hand, if you’re an intermediate or advanced player, you won’t find better than Uke Like The Pros for its broad offerings, experienced instructor, and diverse community.

Whichever you choose, don’t worry, you won’t ever regret your decision. After all, you’re choosing a platform from the big, leading ones!

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