Ukulele Buddy Review

We all know that patience is a virtue, but it’s even more so when you’re learning to play an instrument. What if you’re so eager to learn how to play the ukulele but just don’t have the patience and perseverance to do so? Do you give up?

No, my friend, you just haven’t come across all that Ukulele Buddy has to offer. Offering ukulele lessons with beginners in mind, this platform promises to have you play along with your buddies in no time. Is that true or a scam, though? Continue reading our Ukulele Buddy review to find out. 

Ukulele Buddy
Instructors & Instruction Methods 5/5
Pricing Options & Money-back Guarantee 5/5
Free Trials 3/5
Bonus Materials 4/5
Content Variety 3/5
Overall Score: 4.5/5

A Snapshot of Ukulele Buddy

Because ukulele lessons are only as good as the instructors leading them, we must give due credit to JP Allen and Mitch Chang, the instructors leading the courses. Both of them have substantial music teaching expertise, complemented by easygoing and lively personalities that bring a lot to the learning journey. 

A Snapshot of Ukulele Buddy

The courses are extremely structured, with the entire Ukulele Buddy program designed to provide a clear learning path for beginners that ultimately results in fluent ukulele playing. Offered in a pre-recorded format, the video lessons enable you to learn at your own pace, especially since they’re short-lasting and concise. 

Since it’s not uncommon for any beginner to give up on playing for a while and then start all over again, Ukulele Buddy aims to provide a means to keep you going and make your experience as cost-effective as possible. For that reason, you only make one payment to access all courses for a lifetime. 

As for the promise of empowering you to play along with your buddies in the shortest duration, it’s a promise Ukulele Buddy lives up to. After the first couple of lessons, you’ll be astonished by how you’re retaining all the information and strumming along easily. 

What We Like:

  • Easy to follow video lessons
  • Fun instructors
  • Provides a solid foundation for beginners
  • One-time payment for lifetime access
  • Structured instruction path

What We Don’t Like:

  • Average video quality
  • Minimal lessons for advanced players
  • Not all videos lessons are 7 minutes as claimed

Purchase Ukulele Buddy If: 

  • You’re a beginner looking forward to playing the ukulele in the shortest amount of time
  • You’re a beginner looking for structured ukulele programs
  • The learn at your own pace model works for you
  • You’re looking for affordable online ukulele lessons

Ukulele Buddy Full Review

That was our very quick review of Ukulele Buddy. If you feel like it’s the one for you, continue reading as we give you the full scoop on the vital aspects of the program. 

Ukulele Buddy Full Review

Instructors That Keep You Hooked

JP Allen and Mitch Chang aren’t just established musicians with many accomplishments on their CVs – they’re also super engaging instructors with innovative instructional techniques that won’t leave you bored for a second!

JP Allen has been teaching music for nearly two decades – he even taught at the University of Texas and Austin Community College! His passion for the ukulele is out of this world, stemming from his childhood. 

He’s also a believer in lifelong learning, which is why he’ll also keep you updated with the latest in the ukulele world. Plus, he plays the harmonica, too, which is quite impressive!

As for Mitch Chang, Chang is a graduate of the University of Hawaii and is a renowned ukulele instructor who also happens to be a high-caliber instrumentalist, so you’re being taught by the absolute best.

Overall, with JP Allen and Mitch Chang, you’ll not only be able to play the ukulele but also learn how to practice it effectively, all while having some fun and staying absolutely engaged thanks to their outgoing personalities.

Easy to Digest Video Lessons

How many times have you sat down in class for lessons that lasted over an hour? How much of the information did you retain? Only like the first half, right? 

Well, Ukulele Buddy puts an end to long, jam-packed lessons that end up teaching you absolutely nothing, and instead, opts for a short series of videos that are never longer than 15 minutes, with the majority being between 7-12 minutes. Short and sweet!

As for their structure, each lesson is organized and concise, giving you the bits of essential information you need to know about chords, ranking, posture, chord progressions, advanced strumming techniques, and more! By just watching a couple of lessons per week, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a professional player.

If we were to be picky, we’d just comment about the video quality. The videos are rather old, and the quality isn’t that great. Despite that, they feature close-up camera angles for better visualization. Plus, the sound quality is excellent, and that’s what matters! 

Clear Learning Pathway

As beginners, it can be quite challenging to pinpoint where to start your learning – should you begin with chord vocabulary? Or should you start with popular songs? What about ukulele chord diagrams and strumming patterns? 

Ukulele Buddy takes that burden off beginners’ shoulders, offering a solid program structure that acquaints every beginner player with everything they need to know in a well-ordered format that ensures their effectiveness. 

Plus, the idea that you have lifetime access to each course enables you to learn at your own pace with no timeline constraints or instructor pressure, which further assists you to boost your skills one day at a time.

Ukulele Buddy Full Review

Ukulele Buddy Membership – Is It Worth It?

Then comes the interesting part, which is pricing and memberships. For starters, the site doesn’t really offer memberships. As we’ve mentioned, there’s a one-size-fits-all model, which is a one-time payment for lifetime access to all lessons.

While not everyone is a fan of that, we really believe that the Ukulele Buddy package’s affordability makes up for that! 

At just $67, you immediately obtain access to all the video lessons, five digital songbooks (music e-books), and a handy ukulele toolkit to supplement your learning, including a chord chart, online metronome, and an “easy-learning checklist” to track your progress.

Throughout the courses, you’ll learn not only the fundamental concepts of the ukulele but also different styles and genres of songs, including pop, blues, rock, country, gospel, soul, folk, reggae, grooves, and more! 

With just a few lessons, you’ll be able to play the most popular songs only by ear and using ultra-simplified tabs and special techniques that teach you to decode any strumming pattern.

Ukulele Buddy Membership - Is It Worth It?

By the way, the videos can be played anywhere, be it your PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet, so you just need a stable internet connection.

And did we mention that you get a one-year money-back guarantee? Yes, that’s a thing! So, Ukulele Buddy is absolutely 100% risk-free, which makes it totally worth the money.

Ukulele Buddy – Alternatives

We were beginners once, too. We know how overwhelming it can be to make up your mind about the online ukulele lessons to take, especially with people recommending so many different lessons. To help you, we’ve reviewed how Ukulele Buddy fares among some of the leading online ukulele lesson providers. Here we go!

Ukulele Buddy vs. Uke Like The Pros

Uke Like The Pros is probably one of the names you came across while doing your research, but it’s worth noting that there are notable differences between Ukulele Buddy and Uke Like The Pros. The most prominent difference is the target ukulele players.

While Ukulele Buddy is ultimately designed for beginners, Uke Like The Pros caters to all skill sets alike, offering courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced ukulele players. Ideally, if you’re an intermediate or advanced player, you’d opt for Uke Like The Pros for its lessons’ variety, especially that Uke Like The Pros doesn’t suit advanced players.

On the other hand, if you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t look further than Uke Buddy. The lessons are just what you need to kickstart your journey, and you won’t find a clear instructional path elsewhere. 

Moreover, engagement levels vary among the two lessons. With Uke Like The Pros, you become part of a very active community, and the lesson structures include live videos, fun challenges, ukulele giveaways, and similar. Meanwhile, Ukulele Buddy is rather self-paced, with minimal interaction and instead, placing focus on cementing the uke’s foundations.

The two platforms also differ in pricing options; Uke Like The Pros has various membership plans with some free programs, in addition to the possibility of individual course purchases, which makes sense for advanced uke players who want to take a specific course, for instance. In contrast, Ukulele Buddy has a single pricing option, but it’s an affordable one. 

Ukulele Buddy vs. ArtistWorks

ArtistWorks is another leading platform in the world of online ukulele lessons, but not just the ukulele. In fact, ArtistWorks provides lessons for various instruments, like the guitar, for instance, so it’s sort of in a different arena on its own. Ukulele Buddy is rather specialized in the ukulele area. 

Despite that, it has plenty of ukulele lessons catering to different skill levels, from beginner to advanced. The instructors are also quite friendly, and the concept of personalized feedback is heavily present. For example, you can share videos of your practice sessions with an instructor to receive feedback, and you could also register for private lessons.

As for pricing options, ArtistWorks offers different subscriptions, namely: three, six, and twelve-month membership plans. Their prices range from $23.24 to $35 monthly, which is quite expensive compared to Ukulele Buddy’s one-time purchase. Not to mention, ArtistWorks doesn’t have a money-back guarantee policy.

In a nutshell, if you intend on practicing different instruments in the future, you may want to consider ArtistWorks. Similarly, if you’re interested in receiving coaching and tailored feedback, ArtistWorks would also work for you. By the same token, if none of these are on your checklist, Ukulele Buddy remains the leading option, especially for beginners.


Is Ukulele Buddy Expensive Compared to Other Sites?

Far from that! It’s a very affordable option that gives you value for your money.

Does Ukulele Buddy Offer a Free Trial?

No. But it does offer a one-year money-back guarantee, so it’s like you have a year’s worth of trials.

Does Ukulele Buddy Have a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, a one-year guarantee.

Is Ukulele Buddy Good for Beginners?

Most certainly – it’s ultimately for beginners. JP Allen literally says, “My uke video lessons have been specifically designed for beginners and non-musicians.”

Final Verdict

To cut our long Ukulele Buddy review short, Ukulele Buddy is the way to go if you genuinely want to learn the ukulele while staying motivated every step of the way. With instructors like JP Allen and Mitch Chang leading the lessons, you’ll find yourself becoming a pro ukulele player and mastering your favorite songs before you know it.

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