Read Before Buy A Violin

Are you a violin enthusiast and you have been thinking to buy a violin for the first time? Don’t you have any idea which is the best violin for you? Do you want guidance in this regard? Well, no worries! You just need to know about a few technical things and there you go!

Although violins are available at different prices, in different sizes and by different brands you have to plan for a violin according to your own requirements.

Which is the best violin for you

How to choose the best violin?

Before you choose a violin for yourself, you need to explore different types or categories of violin because the availability of so many violins can make you confused. In order to make the choice of a violin simple for you, we are going to describe its different types in different aspects:

Types in terms of violin sizes:

When it comes to the size of the violins, everyone knows that there are different types. Basically, there are 9 standard sizes of a violin. The size of a violin for the children is, of course, small and the violins for adults have big or full size. An adult violin has 4/4 size while the sizes of younger players may be 1/32, 1/16, 1/10, 1/8, ¼, 1/2 or ¾.

There is a very simple trick to measure the size of the violin. The person for whom you want to buy a violin should extend his arm straight away and you should measure the length from the base of the neck to his or her wrist. Therefore, neck to wrist length will be the ideal length of the violin that he or she can play. Some violin instructors even measure the length from neck to the palm and this will be the maximum length of the violin that he or she could play.

Well, this technique is quite interesting but there are just a few people who are aware of this technique. On the basis of this strategy, a standard chart has been figured out by the expert violin instructors. This chart is the following:

Violin Size Measurement length (in inches)
1/32 13
1/16 14
1/10 15
1/8 16.5
1/4 18.5
1/2 20
3/4 22
4/4 23

I am sure that you will not have any confusion regarding the size of the violin now as you can choose the specific violin size on the basis of the distance between your neck base and wrist.

A very important thing that you should consider here is that violin is not something that you can buy frequently. Therefore, when you are going to get a violin for your children, you should keep in your mind that he or she will grow after few months or few years so you should go for an advanced size rather than choosing a small or even ideal size. In this way, that violin will be useful for many years.

Skills level and Violin types:

Everyone is not a violin expert but some individuals would still be going to buy their first violin and they would need to learn how to play it first. We are going to discuss the types of violins in terms of skills level. Although these are not the universal standards these might be helpful to narrow down your searches. Therefore, let’s talk about these categories:

Student violin- These are the simplest violins and these are simply not only in terms of usability but also in terms of its construction. Low-quality wood is used in the manufacturing of a student violin and little effort is put in caving and assembling of this type of violin. Most of their parts are usually made of plastic rather than metal to keep it lightweight. A student violin is also economical and within just a few dollars, you can have it. If you are going to learn violin for the first time then it would be the best for you.

Intermediate violin- These are the violin that lies between student and expert violin. These are not available in all the stores because these are not very common. In fact, these violins are not manufactured by all the brands. Anyways, if you have practiced on a student violin in the past and now want to practice on an upgraded violin that would be better than student violin and economical as compared to expert violin then intermediate violin is the one that you should opt for.

Professional violin- It is the best violin that is manufactured with great care. Best quality of the dry wood is used to manufacture it because the violin experts or instructors have to play on it. High-quality components such as wooden tailpiece and ebony fingerboard are used in it. If you think that you are an expert and you want to have your hands on a high-quality violin then you should look for a professional violin.


Types on the basis of functionality:

On the basis of the functionality, there are two basic types of a violin that is an acoustic violin and electric violin. Let’s talk about these types of detail:

Acoustic violin- In an acoustic violin, four strings are actually stretched from tuning peg towards the tailpiece and in this way, vibration is transferred to the soundboard. Acoustic violins are usually suitable for folk and classical musicians as these violins produce rounded and warm tone because of the resonance in its tonewood.

Electric violin- In an electric violin, there are built-in electric pickups that are used to amplify the sound. The bodies of electric violins are very solid so as to avoid resonance in the empty body of the violin. Electric violins are mostly suitable for jazz and rock musicians as these violins produce electronic signals in order to create variety in the sounds.


I am sure that you would have no more confusion which is the best violin for you! Now you are aware of different types and categories of the violins and so you can opt for the best piano. If you are a learner, you would require different features like less price, easy to use, lightweight, etc. but if you are an expert then you would of course op for the most advanced violin.

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