Yamaha DGX-660 Digital Piano Review

My girlfriend is a classical singer. She is great whenever, and whatever she sings, but she is heavenly when you hear her play instruments. She started with harmonium, which was mandatory for her learning purposes. But then she continued playing other instruments, guitar, ukulele. Then next she wanted a piano. We couldn’t get a piano instantly, and we did not have adequate space to accommodate it at home either. This is when I came to know about keyboard pianos.

I was already accustomed to doing a bit research before buying a new instrument every time. So, I did the same before buying the keyboard. To my utter surprise, most of the agents from musical instrument stores suggested me to buy Yamaha DGX-660 without any hesitation. After all the inquiries that I gathered, this piano seemed like a good deal and so I bought it.

Since then my girlfriend is playing keyboard, and she absolutely loves it. She loves the way it sounds. She loves the way she can record her practices and make me listen to it later on. She loves the whole set with all the required gears and it also fits pretty well in the small available corner of our room. She is very comfortable with it. The peace and satisfaction I see in her, that she gets after playing the piano, is unattainable by any other means. The piano looks great and seeing my girlfriend play it, is a serene scene. I would personally recommend you to please go through this review and find out what more is there to explore in this piano, and why you must buy this and no other piano if you are up to buying one recently.


How romantic it is being silent but playing the words on the Piano in form of music!

Well, my girlfriend fell in love with me just because of the reason that I was a piano player. She’s a big enthusiast of piano and when she came to hear my piano music, she got an inspiration and she fell in love.

I must say thanks to Piano for this 🙂 !!!

In my life, I have played music on different pianos and now, I have become an expert. Using a piano just for a single time, I can judge its quality and its music beats. Today, I am going to review one of the best pianos of the recent times and that is Yamaha dgx-660. I am sure that this Yamaha dgx-660 review will be very informative for you.

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Let’s start with an intro of Yamaha dgx-660 review:

DGX-660 is actually a versatile and contemporary piano that offers something for everyone. It is a premium keyboard that comes with a variety of special features and it’s a big fun for all the piano enthusiasts. Whether you want to learn or play or even share music, this piano literally offers everything. The best thing about Yamaha dgx-660 is that it comes with full 88 keys and so you can enjoy high-quality sounds.



Its key features that you must give attention to are:

  • 88 Grade Hammer Standard keys are available
  • About $1,300 which is absolutely not much
  • Soft, Medium, Hard, Fixed touch response and more
  • 192 maximum polyphony
  • App integration is the wow factor
  • 151 voices, 15 drums/SFX kits, 388XGlite
  • Intelligent Acoustic Control is present
  • Dual, split, and panel sustain functions are amazing
  • Style Recommender
  • Yamaha Education Suite.
  • The sound is excellent with Pure CF sampling
  • The easy to read, clear display
  • The keyboard is made with authentic piano touch specifically with an 88-note weighted GHS keyboard keys
  • An extremely handy USB audio playback
  • A true sound with soulful damper resonance.
Special Note:
This piano is a world-class grand concert piano ranked #82 in Top 100 in Musical Instruments.


It’s just an introduction on this piano, when you will reach the end of this review, you will be in love with it!

What makes Yamaha dgx-660 special?

You can practice on your own, record them and hear them out in your leisure times to figure out what your mistakes are when you are learning. You can hear the recordings to get yourself better with the passage of time. I think this is what makes this piano different than most other pianos. And this totally serves the right purposes for the price you pay. It’s a piano for all! Whether you are a professional pianist or just a beginner, dgx-660 is for the players of all abilities. Let’s not wait anymore and have a look at its superb features:

It’s not just piano, it’s “piano room”

This device offers a dedicated virtual space and it comes with a variety of simple setting so that you can create your personal performance environment as per your choice. You just have to choose the desired piano and then select acoustic spaces like concert hall, club stage or plain room. Even if you want to adjust the position of piano lid, it’s not an issue at all.


The piano comes in a very handy manner. You can easily set it up according to your space and requirements. It features graded hammer standard keyboard action. It has a superb sound quality which makes it an ideal instrument for the different levels of players. When you play the sound is captured from a Yamaha CF 3s concert ground with pure CF sampling. Yamahas acoustic piano heritage and its cutting-edge digital technology combines to give you a superb playing experience. You can also select a location for the piano to recreate the ambiance of different performance environments.


yamaha dgx 660 digital piano review

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Connect your mobile’s music player with DGX-660

With the help of Aux line input, you can simply connect the music player of your cell phone or even any other music device with this device and you can hear the music through the high quality speakers of DGX-660. On your mobile’s music player, the sound would not be so clear and loud but when it comes to the speakers of DGC-660, they really produce fine-tuned and powerful sound. Now play and enjoy music of all type in this way and have fun!


It is a very innovative way to learn and practice on your own, especially the tracks you like. The audio recorder in the piano will capture the entire performance including vocals with fantastic quality. Then you can connect it to a computer to transfer the music to an audio player or to create a CD. It can connect with computers and iOS devices with a range of exciting apps that are available for all including note star, a digital sheet music app and a chord tracker which can track audios from your audio collection.


Style recommender is a great thing!
You definitely create some kind of music in your mind but you may not come to find which style would really suit to that music. Style recommender in this device is a great feature in this regard that automatically recommends you various styles instantly. You just need to play some notes of the specific rhythm that you want to perform and then style recommender will recommend you a list of matching styles so that you can opt for the best one.


The piano comes with a microphone input with high-quality effects. Once you choose a style from the panel, your band can join you. With over 200 styles, it has a whole new world of music to explore. The style recommender simply plays in the style you need. Playing with these musical accompaniments is a thrilling experience.


Record your favorite tracks in USB

The feature of USB Audio recording is also available so that you can record the performances as uncompressed using the audio recorder. The recording will be of CD-quality and so you can even make the CDs of your favorite music. Through this recording feature, you can share the music with anyone over the internet or even you can save it in your mobile’s music player or computer.

Why not to play your bestie’s favorite songs on piano and then to record in USB! I mean, it would be the best gift for his/her birthday. What do you think!


With an orchestra at your fingertips, you can create a musical arrangement with the six-track recorder. You can put in your favorite playlist and access it anytime you want. You have to record the songs with the audio recorder. It saves time because you don’t have to go back and check the songs out on YouTube, or on your phone.


Easy to read Lyrics Display

When you play any song on DGX-660, its high-quality LCD can display the notation or the lyrics of that song. You can read the music of the build-in songs or even you can attach a USB that contains a list of different songs. It’s not all about it but you can even see the score of the song that you have actually created in Yamaha dgx-660.

These are actually the features that have forced the users of this instrument to appreciate it and in all the Yamaha dgx-660 reviews; you will come to know that it’s simply the best.


There are 12 new voices, 6 new reverbs, 10 more present styles, and 15 additional music in the database which is clearly portrayed through the display. It has been rated 4.5 stars out of 5 stars by people who bought.



The common specifications of Yamaha dgx-660 are actually not common!

Here, you can have a look at its general specifications that make this music device really special:

Dimensions1397mm x 146mm x 445mm
No. of keys88
Touch responseFixed, Hard, medium, soft
Keyboard typeGHS keyboard
TypeFull dot LCD
Recording time80 minutes per song
Internal Memory1.7MB
External memoryDepends on USB flash


What accessories you will get?

Along with Yamaha DGX-660, you will get owner’s manual, Footswitch, Keyboard stand, data list and warranty card. These are the basic accessories that you usually get with all the pianos. The assembly of this piano can be a bit complicated therefore; you must keep in your hand the manual that you get from the manufacturer. In this way, you will be able to assemble it in a few simple steps and in the appropriate way! Feel free to contact the company if you feel any sort of difficulty while assembling or even using it!


The DGX-660 offers much more than a piano with exciting new ways to learn, create and perform music in your home or on stage. You have digital pedal options which you get free.


Personal Verdict- to buy it or not!

If somebody asks me whether to buy Yamaha dgx-660 or not then I would definitely force him to buy it. I am really having a great experience with this music instrument and not only it looks great but the variety of its features is also a great thing. I really love the sounds of dgx-660 and not only me, but my girlfriend too. She wants me to play any song on it every night while sitting in the candle light. It’s really a big fun and the music that I play on this piano spreads love in the air all around my girlfriend, my room, my house, my everything!


The style recommendation in the device which is a dope. This is something which recommends different styles when you try to make your own composition, and you struggle with which style to follow. You do not get this bonus in many instruments. I would definitely tell you to buy the piano just because of these amazing factors!

Education Suite

The piano comes with a very fascinating and effective feature named as Yamaha Education Suite. It is very useful as it tracks the hearing, waiting, and tempo. Moreover, the players can have quick access to the chord encyclopedia and full accompaniment feature called EZ chord and smart chord.

The EZ chord is to be played for performances and for tracking the changes that are made to the songs and the Smart Chord is structured for easy and basic accompaniment available at the press of a button. So, your piano will follow each and every move you make.

For whom this piano suits most

The piano suits anyone who likes to play piano in general. It is great when you play it for learning and you can practice all you want. You get the box delivered, you open it, and you see a bunch of all the cool and nice accessories with the piano. You need to set up the whole thing in a piece, and it is a bit of a hassle when you put its parts together. It suits well if you are a professional, if you are a beginner, if you play just as a hobby, or even if you just play for yourself.

Playing Instruction

The piano is a 1000 pounds and a nine-foot acoustic grand piano. It is also portable. When you get to play, you will see the keys are of plastic yet classy. The piano keyboard is a Graded Hammer Standard key bed which tries to duplicate the gradual heavy to light touch from low to high that one feels on an acoustic grand piano. There is a recoil section in the middle to high-mid that is quite unnatural to it. But that resembles somewhat a semi-weighted keyboard. This does not facilitate much for frequently repeated notes or very quick trills.

Value for money

This is a versatile piano which has many interactive features. You can learn, play and even share your tracks. Now, where do you get this facility? You can even connect a microphone and sing along while you play. It costs about the same as other piano keyboards. But I’ve heard my sister play on it and the way she describes it, it is a total package. It is the standard within the price.


Don’t Miss:

I think these commonly asked questions and their answers will give you some valuable information.

Does it come with a warranty?

  • Yes, it does come with a warranty but I don’t think you would really need it. I have been using it for the last one year, and there has not been a single issue. It plays well today just like it did, on the first day.

What if the screen is very tiny?

  • You can try to connect your tab or any other large display but I haven’t tried it yet.

Do I have to assemble the parts on my own?

  • Yes, you have to unpack on your own, and put it all together before you play. It won’t take very long. You can always take some help and get it done easily.



When compared with many other piano devices, Yamaha dgx-660 has been found great because it is an instrument that is perfect for those who are in learning phase that is superb for those who are teaching piano that is great for those who want to share music with their loved ones! In my opinion, this keyboard is something that simply deserves your attention and after going through Yamaha dgx-660 review here, I am sure that you would have decided to buy it. If you have the right piano, only then you can move your fingers on the right keys and you can play the music in the right way. Therefore, DGX-660 is that RIGHT choice for you!

When you will get this piano instrument then please share your experience here! I’d be waiting to hear from you!

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