Yamaha P45 Review-2020

Yamaha seems as old as Music. I have heard that music is the food of soul but only a good music is. Like food can be good or bad, in the same way, music can be good or bad. If you really want to please your soul with the best quality of music then for this purpose, you need to have the best quality of music instrument. There would be many of you who are piano enthusiasts and they would agree that the choice of music instrument matters a lot in creating the good music. When it comes to the best quality of pianos, Yamaha products come in the mind first and one of the best pianos ever is Yamaha P45.

If you want to feed your soul with a sweet recipe of music and even to feed the soul of your loved one then get Yamaha p45, practice it and enjoy!!!!!

Yamaha P45 Review – The Best Piano Ever

What makes it So Special?

Although there are many pianos out there but why only Yamaha P45! Well, the following features urge the piano users to have a look at this one and even to buy it:

  • GHS Weighted Action- its GHS weighted action lighter touch in the high end and on the other hand, it has heavier touch in the low end. Don’t you think that Yamaha P45 and any acoustic piano work in a similar way! It is really great for the beginners because if you practice to move your fingers on this piano, you can even easily play an acoustic piano later on. In addition, there is matte finish on its black keys and that’s why it prevents the smoothness effect.
  • Single-button operation- You can change most of the Yamaha P45 piano settings with the click of just a single button. All that you need to do is to hold down Function button and then you have to press the keyboard to change the settings for example to play demo sources, to change the voices, to configure metronome, etc.
  • AWM Sampling- It has AWM sampling that stands for Advanced Wave Memory. It makes use of digital technology in order to record acoustic piano. This sampling is really great as it creates deeper louder and richer sound.
  • Power saving- Another important feature that you will find in Yamaha P45 is Power saving. You simply set the sleep time in its setting. If the piano is not in use for that time then it will automatically shut down and in this way, the power will be saved. yamaha p45 review

General Specification:

  • Item Weight: 65 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 60 x 23 inches
  • Shipping weight: 65 pounds
  • Size: Intermediate Bundle
  • Item model number: P45
  • Keys: 88
  • Keyboard Language: English



Want to explore the pros of Yamaha P45? There are the following areas in which this piano really creates the big difference:

  • Its Dual Mode function is simply superb as it allows you to combine together two different sounds. For a really different and great music experience, you can, for example, combine the sound of string and piano.
  • The USB to HOST port is available that allows you to connect and interact with different music entertainment applications and hence you can have a great experience.
  • Its design is very lightweight and therefore, you can carry it anywhere easily. Even you can easily carry for the outdoor performances.
  • After a period of inactivity, it shuts down automatically. In this way, it can conserve energy and can be used for a long time. The custom settings are available and you can set its sleep time so that it can shut down automatically after the specific time.



So far, no special drawbacks have been found for this model but still the users and Yamaha P45 reviews have highlighted some of the negative points. Let’s have a look at those points one by one:

  • Some of the users have reported that its stand is terrible. The piano doesn’t stay fixed on this stand but it keeps on slipping and sliding. Therefore it is not safe because you cannot actually attach your piano to its stand. Because of this reason, it is not safe for the children and for the pets.
  • After a couple of month, E and F keys may stop working. If you press E then it becomes difficult to press F next and vice versa.
  • The keys are too heavy and therefore, you need to apply firm pressure on the keys. For the beginners, it can be a bit tough and also for the children.

Besides these cons, the musical instrument is really superb and believes me that you are going to enjoy the great experience. Overall, you will love its sounds and it is amazing for those who are newbies and are looking for some handy equipment to practice on. Don’t you feel that the above-stated drawbacks are nothing in comparison to its pros!

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My Personal Verdict:

Let me give my final verdict on Yamaha p45. I am the one who is using this amazing music instrument and I seriously love it. Actually, I got the real affiliation with the music just because of this musical instrument. I am literally happy with this digital piano because it is very light in weight and so I can carry it with me anywhere. The sound of this piano is simply superb and everyone for whom I play this musical instrument gets in love with it. The dual mode of this model is really great because you can combine two voices together and ultimately, you can create a very different voice.

Overall, you will be having an inspiring experience with Yamaha P45. It is a musical instrument that you can even avail in the very reasonable sum of money. Whether you are a newbie or you are an expert, you will seriously love to play this piano. What else you have been waiting for! Get this piano and practice versatile and pleasing sounds for yourself and for others!


I am a real music enthusiast and to me, Yamaha music instruments are as much important as much is the music. I feel that I am nothing if I don’t have Yamaha music instruments. I have used different music instruments so far but Yamaha P45 is the best one. I really like its cool and relaxing sound and whenever I play this piano for my wife, she looks at me intimately.

Music is important for the soul and Yamaha P45 is the soul of music. This piano is really fantastic because in a very reasonable sum of money, I have got it. If you also want to get familiar with the real sense of music, and if you want to play the music like the master then Yamaha P45 is the best instrument to own. And reviews of this piano proof it over and over again!

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